Audio Podcast #187 – Gun control hysteria, Walmart’s creative corruption, the Westboro Bastard Church, and more…

1) Music by Lillian’s Rose. Coming soon: interviews with Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks and Peter Joseph from Zeitgeist.

2) Mike Huckabee says absence of God at Sandy Hook caused massacre

3) Wal-Mart used many bribes to outflank democracy in Mexico. It was a creative corruptor.

4) Iceland vs. Ireland —

5) Counter protests to Westboro Baptist Church –

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  1. Dear Lee,

    I saw you perform in Portland, OR a couple of summers ago and got it that I’m interested in your standup and in your take on this, that, and the other.

    Which is my problem. If there’s a way to listen to you on-line without listening to the whole schemer, I haven’t found it. (I can get the blue line to move, but it doesn’t advance the narrative.)

    In the meantime, thanks for the Iceland info. I plan to follow up on it.


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