Nestle’s Water Not What They Say [VIDEO]

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  1. I have a Question. Can I please find out why the obvious felonious fraud from Drumpf University was dropped criminally in more than four states including California where Steve Mnuchin and Drumpf University got Criminal passes from San Diego and Northern Cali land Fraud with ample evidence was dropped by Kamila Harris. WTF?!!!!! Especially when normal citizens are prosecuted to the fullest extent for minor offenses. I want to know how to file charges on my own and go after those who threw out proven criminality? Laws in Cali are written to super cede. Meaning. California can file charges anytime. Now why do you suppose they haven’t? Could it be political? You think?!!!! Not just political but conspiratorially between major party powers. Horse trading and point system. Fucking dirty ass f@#×%#$.

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