“Are We The Modern Day Pompeii?” – MOC#81


  1. *St. Peter greets the man at the Pearly Gates (I wonder if that is what Bill calls it when he ejaculates onto… uh, right. Never mind. I digress)

    …anyway- St. Peter greets the man and the man can’t help but allow a smug grin cross his face as the boulevard is lined with solid gold stockades loaded with those greedy green fucks Lee spoke about in that moment of clarity back in 2011*

    *The man picks up an especially rotten hedge apple from a nearby gilded basket and fires away as the angels play their harps and lyres* (…somewhere off in the distance Zamfir chimes in with his pan flute)

    -Possibly my all time favorite MoC thus far. Keep it rockin in the greed, ‘er, free world brother.

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