Announcing the winner of the Top 5 Protest Song contest

Last week I proposed a challenge – list your Top 5 Greatest Protest Songs. I along with Chris Bell, editor over at, selected the winner. I said extra points would be given for creativity. THE WINNER IS…. J. Christian Guerrero, who submitted the following list:

1. ‘Waiting Room’ – Fugazi
2. ‘CIA Man’ – The Fugs
3. ‘Marching Song of the Covert Battalions’ – Billy Bragg
4. ‘Fight The Power’ – Public Enemy
5. ‘We Shall Overcome’ – Pete Seeger

Here’s Chris’s analysis:  This might be my winner. I’m utterly surprised how few people were talking about punk songs. Fugazi and The Fugs are no-brainers and this was the only nomination that included either. Public Enemy might be a safe choice, but I support the inclusion of Chuck D in any conversation.

Here’s my analysis:  Totally agree about the lack of punk. Love that this list is all over the genre map. Great to see Billy Bragg on there. And if there hadn’t been any hip hop included, I probably couldn’t have given J. Christian the win. But he remedies that with “Fight The Power.”

J. Christian has won a free download of my new live comedy album “Pepper Spray the Tears Away.”

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