“Advertisements Are @ssholes!” – MOC#59

4 responses to ““Advertisements Are @ssholes!” – MOC#59”

  1. Liz says:

    My friend Will told me about you and I’m so glad he did! The Carlin resemblance is eery — you are RAW and great!! Thank you — I would go see ya live.

  2. Dee D. says:

    I turned the TV off.

  3. leecamp says:

    Yes, I’ve read about the nag factor. It’s amazing. How fucking horrible to turns people’s own kids against them!

  4. BW says:

    and how about if the same guy then decided to go after your child, too, because he knew that your 8 year old cannot distinguish between ‘news’ and a commercial message, and the Nag Factor (where it takes a kid an average of 9 nags a day to get what they want) can generate 40% of sales for a kid oriented business. That would be…ah…even…ah…moreso.

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