6 Things Media Won’t Tell You About Assassination of Iranian General (Web Exclusive)

  1. I was feeling like I just didn’t know who to trust on this. Certainly not the Trump administration, you my friend seem to have the flavor of “truth” about you. However I am always cautious to question who has the truer perspective. Thank you for your work.

  2. If they fell for it once they will fall for it again…I’ve never met so many people who love to be lied to and know that they are lied to but don’t care that they are lied to…you can show them undisputed truth but they will say but “Trump said”…unbelievable…

  3. Shocking, but not surprising turn of recent events. Well said Lee; keep fighting the good fight. We all need you to keep speaking out.

  4. I might add that a drone strike by the military can now be made on ANY American citizen anywhere in the world. This was made law when Barack Obama was POTUS.

  5. As a Veteran we have to reiterate that we are not at war, we have not had a “declaired” war since WW1, this really is on the media that they continue to fall into the propaganda of using the word war. The public is not informed. If we want to invade a country let it be on record, vote on it and either declare war or not.

  6. Brilliant. I applaud your unrestrained anger. I’m frustrated at how the american public seems willing to sleepwalk through another war.

  7. A must listen.

    If you find Lee Camp too crude for your taste, then perhaps you prefer the crudeness of murder and destruction of millions. Lee is always spot on with his analysis. He cuts to the chase as they say, keeping it simple.

    I love this guy and his show Redacted Tonight.

  8. Trump, the candidate who pompously and repeatedly campaigned on getting out of the never ending Middle East quagmire and bringing troops home, has just escalated military intervention while threatening Iran with destruction, and sending 4500 troops not to Iraq but to Kuwait, the tiny country strategically located on the Persian gulf, a major oil transport location, perfectly located surrounded by Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. How convenient is that for perpetrating control and devastation.

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