30 Seconds That Perfectly Describes The Mainstream Media [Comedy&News]

This week, Lee covers the highlights of mainstream media coverage of the Presidential Primaries with a video montage. Also, a Pennsylvania court ruled that it’s illegal to film the police, the senate approved Obama’s FDA nomination who has deep ties to big pharma, and Chesapeake Energy was indicted for rigging oil and gas prices. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

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  1. A note about your F B issues. I do not have an account. Ihave noticed the following: On days when there is something big happening with a subject ,I’ve been following on a particular pg. ta white screen comes up and I am suddenly asked to join or log in and no longer able to view it. I was unable to link thru twitter to our Bernie campaign mgr.pg. after B won here and often could not see our group pg.during the campaign.
    Your problems with them may have to do with your increasing fan base and is a simple attempt to acquire more accounts on your back. You may already have surmised all of this. B T W I am not a conspiracy theorist (except -there ARE Mole People living under our condo complex. IT IS NOT THE FRACKING… DAMMIT!)
    In any event, here’s hoping you will continue to post on the net pg. so I can hold off on google & F B accts as long as possible. (because ,you know… Mole People .. they eat grassroots)

    P. S.
    THIS EPISODE WAS GREAT and ,I believe it has kept “them” quiet for days now as I still have the foil hat I made on Monday.

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