27-Year CIA Veteran Admits Deep State Is Very Real [VIDEO]

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  1. Should The Police Control Their Own Body Camera Footage? https://t.co/8RGAKeu7PL

    I was stopped by a police Jan. 9/2018 on Delta HWY/NB/Goodpasture. Gave me a ticket.

    He was interrogating & terrorizing me! I thought he was going to pull his gun on me!

    He asked me more than FIVE Times if my car was really mine? If the car I’m driving is mine? Who was the first owner of my car? where did I buy it? so many different way of questioning me if the car was mine or it was stolen!

    More than Five Different questions regarding. If I’m actually the owner of my car Honda Accord 2008!

    Then, He calls another Police officer! I thought I was going to be handcuffed, arrested & thrown in Jail! http://registerguard.com/rg/news/local/36126284-75/white-supremacist-messages-alarm-southern-oregon-residents.html.csp

    He kept interrogating me checking my car back & forth, more than three or four times. He checked the Serial number on my dashboard and compared it with my documents more than THREE TIMES!

    I was interrogated more than 25 minutes!

    I’ve never had any speeding tickets! I was driving from Willagalispy to delta Hwy. Eugene, OR.

    The officer claimed I slowed down, because I saw him coming after me! It was more than a mile & a half.There is no way he can detected my speed limit in his Radar “Lidar”!

    After his interrogations for more than 25 minutes and checking my car back & forth several times.

    I told him I’ve never had a ticket. He was very condescending and responded by saying NO.

    “You were stopped by a police in 2011! I had to correct him by saying, he didn’t give me a ticket.

    It was another case of profiling Muslims students, who were in the car with me.

    They had a head scarf. I war driving them to Portland to take English exam. When I was stopped by the Police! I was NOT speeding!

    I was lost to find the Freeway in Springfield!

    That officer asked me about, why my driving license plate # was blocked.

    I told him because I ran for Public offices, and was stalked and ran over.

    My attorney & I had to contact the DMV in Salem to block my license #. So no-one will follow me & find out my physical address.

    I was driving 32 mile an hour for more than on miles. There is no way he could catch me with his radar: https://www.quora.com/How-accurate-is-a-police-radar-when-reading-a-cluster-of-cars

    P.S: I went to court Feb.28/2018 for not pleading Guilty. To my surprise. The officer who ticked me for false speeding, and was only profiling me. He edited the video tape that was presented as evidence to the judge!!!

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