“15 Years of Manipulation And Degradation” – MOC #192

  1. This has got to be my favorite MOC, I can watch this over & over again.

    So true how agencies create a “problem” only to have the “solution” worked out months before the “problem” ever existed. Love the example of Big Pharma in this clip with the penis pills and antidepressants. Thats an industry that has perfected the formula of induced misery and self-hatred only to have the cure right when you need it most, but can’t afford it.

    …And the analogy of the girlfriend gaining self-esteem that must be crushed is pure genius! Keep up the great work Lee and you bet I’m gonna keep fighting because people like you make me realize that all is not lost and our numbers are many and growing.

  2. LOL….priceless.

    I produce these old brit rockstars when they come to Canada every summer. The singer-dude, is totally *that guy*; a hugh advocate of commercialism and ironing his undies.


  3. OH MY GOD.

    I almost pissed my pants laughing. Truly a moment of clarity that EVERYONE needs to watch…and grok fully and completely.

    The second happiest day of my life was when I decided to quit paying any real attention to TV and slapped a great big filter on any input coming in from that vector. My life is much happier now that I pay no attention to “the fear porn ghetto” (that string of cable news channels you find on every system…).

    Lee, you are dead on here… NOBODY likes “that guy” so why do we put up with television?

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