“You’re A Slave And Here’s Why” – M.O.C. #132

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  1. There’s a new documentary, I think it’s new, anyway, it’s called the Thrive Movement official movie. It’s put out by an heir to the Proctor Gambel empire and the husband and wife team are Gambels. This is quite a nice documentary and he talks about his inherited wealth right off the bat and even outs Proctor Gambel in their involvement with RFID chips. This is a very high quality production and basically exposes the forces and families that are fucking up not just this country but the world. It incorporates many things from energy, money, education, drugs, food and ends up with some pretty sensible solutions. I suggest you and everyone watch it. I was thinking about this documentary as I was listening to you rant on dumbing down people. I have met so many university grads with no comprehension of the big picture. You say this shit more succint and funnier than I ever could and that’s your genius. Keep it up, Lee

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