“You TOO Can Get In on For-Profit Tragedy!” – MOC #61

  1. Damn dude. Keep it up. We are living in a fucking nightmare. How do I know this? I know it because I’m a product of the public school systems of the United States, and even I can see it!!!! I have no reference points, and even I can see the fucking Death Star popping up over the horizon. Don’t stop what you’re doing. There is no hope unless this kind of video media some how breaks through the Death Star of ignorance.

  2. Do you mean beginning or end? They’re both by Devilz Speciez. You can find him on YouTube. The one at the end is called “Paradox.” Watch the video on youtube.

  3. Lee, what on earth is that awesome song that you use as bumper music? I’ve tried searching for it with no luck.

  4. To: Lee Camp,

    Thank you for being my opinions mirror. You follow a less walked path, with the hands of George Carlan and Bill Hicks on your shoulder. Follow your gut, it will be [and is] indispensable.
    If you do not already, please check out The Keiser Report on RT.com and of course Juice Media’s Rap News… :)[other kindred souls].

    Thank you for your work
    [PS; I agree with Dee D. but don’t ever run for office, they would kill you]

    J in Canada

  5. What is so compelling about you is your conveyance of view points, which I find factual, with a beam of honesty that seems to resonate from your soul. That beam is a rarity. I will post your rants via FB and use the bleeped editions, for I am not as fortunate as you as I must use a less dramatic force to drive home a point. Thanks for your Voice. It’s unfortunate that politics is poisonous for you and your team would be a solid ticket to vote for. Callin’ the world out…I’d love it.

  6. Lee, you continually get it right! I wish you had a rendition of your rants with the *#@% bleeped out because I’d love to post them for my ‘G’, ‘PG’, ‘PG14’ adult-minded friends! I must remain “politically correct” as my job and position dictate. When I get some $$, I’ll be sending you some, for sure… Keep it coming!

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