“You Can’t Spell ‘Corrupt’ Without C-O-U-R-T” – MOC #56

  1. I meant to say corporate greed is inculcated within the government by corporate financing of campaigns and venal politicians. It’s a quid pro quo system and thus the government made up of corporate toadies “sanctions” further corruption.

  2. Mussolini said Fascism might as well be called corporatism. Why? Because power is held by private non-elected sociopaths with a mandate to make profits for their shareholders and democracy is irrelevant and is sanctioned by the government. The reason the top CEOs make more than 500-600 times as much money as their highest paid staff is because very few people have the utter lack of conscience that allows them to cause so much harm to so many even though these CEOs are already wealthy beyond most people’s comprehension.

    In the movie, Inside Job, Matt Damon narrates various corrupt factions and not only is the Supreme Court in a conficlt of interest but so are the deans of Harvard and Columbia and I suppose, most other Ivy Leaque CEO factories. Most of the so-called movers and shakers were too chicken shit to even appear in Inside Job to defend their obvious conflicts of interest.

    Money is not a means to facilitate barter as it should be, it is its own cult/religion with a caste system that propogates material and power worship. These unaccountable high priests of finance, industry and corporate religion tend to surround themselves with sycophantic ass kissers who love to feed their masters’ pathetic egos hoping they will trickle their golden “yourin” down upon them.

    Thanks for speaking for us Lee

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