[Web Exclusive] I’m Not Afraid Of Corporate America’s Suppression

Our reporting is being suppressed by Facebook, Google, and YouTube. But we keep fighting thanks to heroes like you becoming sustaining members for as low as $10 a month – the same you might pay for a single cab ride. You can also give one-time donations or sign up for the free email newsletter in the sidebar to the right.

  1. Last night while watching your show there were repeated mutings and loading issues. To make sure it was targeted at your show I peeked in at some mainstream sites and had no issues viewing their shows.

  2. Thank you for telling it like it is. I have a request. …if you get a chance to talk about the Secretary of Education, please bring up the fact that states already have voucher choices in place and how many charter /private schools are on the reservations for Native Americans. (WA-DO)!

  3. Hey Lee I’m sure that eventually the net will go down for the fight but the fight will go on I hope. Perhaps people should start a peoples net you know think about it history. Sorry I can’t really help with any financial encouragement, getting old so happy to be cannon fodder on the front lines if the people ever decide to say no to money and any foolish idea of owning part of this planet the real issues at hand.

  4. Keep fighting Lee – and don’t forget to advertise some “Useful Idiots” T-shirts for us to purchase!
    Sadly 1984 is becoming a reality.

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