U.S. Found To Be Allied With Al Qaeda! [VIDEO]

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  1. Loved these show the saddest here was great I said Sach here this is a stupid smartphone stupid stupid stupid why do they call them smart phones are stupid anyway I like your comedy it’s very powerful political if you can find a use for me I’d say very private and confidential information

  2. I’m one of those Sephardic Jews you know the ones that they want to kill and Iran but we were from turkey and Greece is where we escaped through after they position now I think there’s another one possibly coming otherwise Israelis when you get together with United States against Iran because you know there’s more Iranian Jews living in Iran and there are and Israel could there be some kind of strange thing coming on like genocide I couldn’t because did Nazism would you like to know my name and who I am my grandparents who’s the ones that made the Sephardic of the Asia’s well anyway you got it we spent millions of dollars getting those Jews out of that area before the end of the Ottoman empire and we were totally invited to live in the Ottoman empire next to Arabs and we have great respect I’m great hospitality that we learned find them you would like to meet me I know some very very famous people by accident or could it be that they were looking for me you know they tried to kill me many times but I live not like Marilyn Monroe die my name is Ronnie Mayo if you have any interested in knowing any secrets secrets that would be good for your shower I’m also a good comedian but I’m not a stand-up comedian I’m a sit-down comedian I’m a horseman you can reach me at this number if you like to get some goodie-goodies secretsawesome very very private people who never want these things to do but I didn’t know how I did it I’m still alive Marilyn Monroe died because of that and I’m still alive and still take it and I’m going to be 63 on July 3rd I still want to be kickin so you meeting me you would get a lot of good laughs of a great comedian almost forgot my email [email protected] the last and least holiday is being Mayo from Baco,

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