Redacted Tonight #67 – Banning Private Prisons, Pope vs. GOP, Coke’s Propaganda, & More

It turns out competition could make losers of us all, Lee tackles multiple stories in Quick News of The Week, Coca-Cola covers up massive oil spill, and UN throws mega concert for its SDG initiative. Also – Abby Feldman pits Pope Francis against the Republican Presidential Candidates in a battle of the quotes. New Redacted Tonight!

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Common Censored #149 – Weaponized Human Rights, Amazon Collects Biometric Data, & Fracking No Longer Profitable

Amazon doesn't just fight unionizing efforts with traffic lights, they're also forcing drivers to agree to biometric and facial recognition software. For the sake of humanity, we all need to support these unionizing efforts. A new report finds that a third of COVID deaths in the U.S. were tied to lack of insurance. There has never been a more dire need for universal healthcare. Good news from Texas and Appalachia as communities defeat an export facility and a new report shows that fracking may never be profitable. PLUS new old news on how the U.S. weaponizes human rights and a call to action against censorship! Tweet @twitter and @twittersupport to reinstate @IfatGazia and @TheKashPod immediately!