Redacted Tonight #331 – Fox News Launches Disastrous Comedy Show

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One response to “Redacted Tonight #331 – Fox News Launches Disastrous Comedy Show”

  1. MichaelWme says:

    You said the London Police have 756 members (vs 35,000 for New York City), while London and New York have similar populations. A statement with some serious lacunae.
    The London Police are only responsible for the City of London, which has a population that is a tiny fraction of that of New York City. Most of London is patrolled by the Metropolitan Police, of which there are about as many as the New York City police.
    Someone tried to tell me the London Metropolitan Police have 32,000 uniformed officers, but there is no such thing. There is the London Police, and there is the Metropolitan Police, and the London Police have, as you said, 756 officers, but they are responsible for an area about the size of the Wall Street district of Manhattan.

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