Redacted Tonight #315: CIA-Backed Coups Collapsing!

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  1. Next up these countries need to clearly define money in a way that will actually work!
    Spanish version:

    English version:
    More than ever the thing we call money is currently itself being questioned unprecedentedly. The time has come for money to be objectively specified in a fair and transparent scientific fashion without disrupting our day to day ability to operate nor sacrificing our core rights and freedoms. To this end, we propose these simple Resolutions that can be briefly summarised by recognising the need for money to be properly specified and how in the interim we can render our current use of money “passive” in the formal scientific sense of the term. Passivity will ensure our uninterrupted day to day use of money as a valid record of what each of us do and achieve in the economy without itself being the ultimate distorting goal that it is today. Just as the scoreboard of a sports event “passively” and accurately reflects the play without determining how people behave to achieve their “goals”, so too ensuring that our money system fulfills the formal requirements of “passivity” it can serve to provide all of us valuable information, without itself or its systemics interfering with what we choose to do or how we choose to do it.

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