Redacted #348 – This New Form of Farming Could Save Us All


  1. PS to 5:56 comment above – I am not a farmer, nor an engineer, nor an environmentalist…I am a music teacher…with only the agenda of appreciating all local organic farmers and all the parts of the web that sustain us. Best, Sora

  2. Hi Lee,
    So to start – I love all your shows and comedy-investigative-journalism….1000x + thanks to all. I appreciated your R348 about hydroponic and vertical farming – you did give some of both the pros and cons. Yet, I have more reservations about this “replace your local farm” process and I hope you will do more research. IMHO, vertical farming may be a ploy for the more dangerous hidden agenda of SIMPLE profit – exorbitant profit – face it – everyone has to eat. Meanwhile this vertical, indoor farming has little if any concern for the earth (more fossil fuels needed to sustain it) and no concern for the cycles of life that sustain all of us. Think Bill Gates buying up farmland. Think Elon Musk’s brother – involved heavily in vertical farming. Think more destruction of the earth’s fossil fuels to “light” these indoor monoliths (both meanings). Think chemically created foods. Sure, I’m all for NOT shipping food across the world. We do need to feed millions in our cities, but we also need to rethink how to do that. Again IMHO, we are THAT intelligent and capable, and we have the money to do it as well. Let’s start with investigating maybe a new layout for cities…more community gardens and/or perhaps EMPLOYING community farmers to farm ORGANIC farms that surround our cities. Of course we have a lot of rebuilding to do…but we have the computer skills to generate a LOT of possible models…WAY better than GMO food unfit for our health and the health of the planet. We live in a web that works for our survival…we cannot turn our back on the many parts of this web and/or destroy them or we will ultimately destroy ourselves and our generations to come. The profit of the few is reaching their greedy hands into the very essence of what sustains us – food. They are somehow caught up in only one thought, THEIR profit. Please, please do more research on who is funding these vertical farms and on who they are trying to suppress– probably local, and organic farmers. And also please bring on to one of your shows the people who have models for returning our lands to feed our local cities and communities. (I think you’ve done some of this before, just appreciate hearing more.) I look forward to more in-depth reporting on this and the possibilities and plans for creating better, healthier, locally grown food for our communities. Thanks so much, Sora

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