Redacted #230 – Venezuela Fake Coup, Truth About Kamala Harris, & Yellow Vests

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  1. I normally agree with everything said on this program, 100%. But I disagree with your perspective on meat and vegetarianism. You are wrong, for obvious reasons.

    The healthiest diet for any species is the diet it’s ancestors evolved to eat. That’s how evolution works. There is no way meat would “suddenly” start causing harm after humans have been eating it and thriving on it for millions of years. What has changed in that time is the way meat is produced and processed, with unnatural living conditions, plus growth hormones and antibiotics. Whereas, pasture-raised, grass-fed, organic meat is the healthiest, most nutrient-dense food on the planet.

    Meat is not the problem – the way we produce it is. And it is nonsense to talk about the fact that most plant food is grown to feed livestock, when those same lives can quite happily eat grass growing freely on the ground in terrain that is unsuitable for agriculture.

    To solve the problem, we need outlaw CAFO farms and go back to raising meat the traditional way. If it is not possible to provide enough meat by that method, then the problem becomes one of human over-population, NOT it’s consumption of meat.

    Call me cynical, but it is entirely possible that this is a giant propaganda campaign to convince us “peasants” to be happy with our gruel, while the rich feast on beef, lamb, chicken etc.

  2. Lee, you are the boss – owned by no one. If I could get high with you just once, I’d pay for the flight.

    And the weed.

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