[REDACTED TONIGHT 122] Pres. Candidates REFUSE To Mention NSA/Privacy, New Foreign Donor Scandal, New Wikileaks

In this week’s episode of Redacted Tonight, host Lee Camp opens the show with a scathing takedown of the two major party Presidential candidates for failing to AT ALL discuss the massive surveillance state. He also further explores the newest and dirtiest Hillary campaign email leak revelations, while also bitch-slapping Trump because OBVIOUS. Correspondent John F. O’Donnell then joins Lee at the desk to reveal the dirty tricks the GOP are using throughout the country to suppress voting. And Correspondent Naomi Karavani files a report that will flip your lid and blow your mind about how old, crummy and disgracefully unreliable the nation’s voting machines actually are. Enjoy and share and keep fighting!

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Fox News have a comedy show to compete with Redacted Tonight now. Lee Camp takes on Greg Gutfeld's new show which is meant to make right-wingers laugh. As you might've guessed the intellectual credibility of Gutfeld's opinions are about as funny as the jokes he made to an unamused live audience. He pushes facts that Camp is able to take apart in minutes on this episode.