Police Accountability & Reinventing Policing

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  1. in 2007 a driver was at a local gas station and was confronted by a NYS trooper for a minor issue, he shot the trooper.. The trooper had a bullet proof vest and was uninjured. The suspect fled the scene. The troopers searched all night with helecopters. In the morning an alarm went off at a house owned by weekenders that were away. I watched as tanks and many black suvs converged on the house. The police sent in a robot which failed to locate the perp. Then the police entered the house, gunfire erupted killing a trooper (by friendly fire). The house was then filled with gas which burned the house to the ground (similar to the Waco sieg)e. The state paid for a new house to be built in record time, when building usually took much longer. Had the police surrounded the house eventually the situation would have ended peacefully with no loss of life.

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