Point Being #3 – New Maps Predict Extreme Climate Migration

3 responses to “Point Being #3 – New Maps Predict Extreme Climate Migration”

  1. Jimi Rockin says:

    I live in North Idaho. I’ve been saying this for a while now. Rednecks in Idaho want to stop Californians from moving here? Then you better start giving a damn about the planet! When it gets to hot down there, where are they going to go? South?… Idaho has already seen a shit-ton of Californians move here. Mostly R-Californians Who move here to join a militia group! Lol!

  2. Teresa Schulz says:

    Good on you Lee. Droughts, floods and increased storms will lead to food shortages as well as water shortages. Civil unrest on top of mass migration will quickly follow. Its happening faster than they expected so 50 years is probably too far away. Definitely time to start giving a shit.

  3. Marlyse says:

    Don’t worry, Lee! Nobody in their right mind would migrate to the US now…

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