PODCAST #82 – My live performance at Occupy Wall Street plus more

  1. I’m still forwarding this one, Lee, and just want you to know it — you rock and I thank you for being you and being out there for us to find! With this one, you’ve voiced my frustrations about “positive” people beautifully — and also my frustrations with people who call me “negative” for the same reasons — very, very much appreciated. xo!

  2. Lee, You are the best at what you do.

    Occupy Wall Street has now gotten the attention of the people who control this country. Accordingly they are rolling out the Ministry of Truth to try and interpret what it is all about. Immediately the discourse turns to trivial two-party partisanship matters. The remarks are just ridiculous and sickening, including that this is a movement to reinvigorate Presidente Hopium, what nonsense. Herman Cain had the audacity to twist this into a criticism of people who don’t work, and who seek handouts. No Herman, you have it ass backward, this Movement is about your cronies free riding at the trough and seeking handouts.

    What “they” just don’t get is that Occupy Wall Street is primarily a pro-democracy, anti-kleptocrat and anti-bankster Movement. Occupy Wall Street is not anti-wealth, it is not about class warfare, it is and I repeat, anti-kleptocratic. . Occupy Wall Street is pro-American in the traditional sense. It is about removing the anti-democratic influence of money from politics. Kleptocracies using government and the corrupt two party system are dangerously anti-American. The Movement can’t let them take the high ground. The high ground belongs to the Movement.

    The corrupt media uses all this protest to pull out their standard dividers. The Movement will naturally attract true conservatives and true progressives, and true moderates. The machine arrives on the scene with false “conservatives”, and the false “progressives” pushing their corrupt status quo anti-democracy agendas. I am proud that the Movement sees through this. Stay the course. That is the Movement’s strength and gives us the ability to not only see through the lies and misrepresentation, but to actually turn it against the corruptos.

  3. Positive thinking is as insidious and pervasive as “traffic and weather” together before, during, and after any newscast. The harm continues.

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