Podcast #252 [click to play] -Big announcements from AFL-CIO and Ed Snowden, plus crucial info for travelers

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  1. my sides are splitting,my cheeks hurt like a motherf***er and my mind has been shaken and stirred and has a cute umbrella in it!! I may never recover.
    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Thanks M! I will try this.. fruit flies are going down! lol,, but seriously thank you! I get so agitated this time of year because of them :p

  3. the whole point about the NSA is that we don’t even get to “see” what they are doing so how the hell DO we know if they are doing things illegally… ugh! I am so done with the manipulations of the gov. and Obama , if they want us to take them seriously, start showing people actual proof and evidence… but they don’t do that which leads my educated fucking brain to say NOPE, you can’t make claims and have no evidence to back it up.. that’s just bad science, bad logic, and bullshit… the fucking NSA SERIOUSLY?? see and like you say how much can people take, but people still believe that if I do no wrong it doesn’t matter.. but is does fucking matter, especially if this data is going to other countries and other governments. I mean, I myself don’t want ANYONE spying on me, but my family and friends just seem to think this is “just the world we live in, so accept it”? I don’t and will not ever get that mentality… if it is wrong try and change it! One of the things I can’t stand about the people in our country and world is the *shrug* “that’s just the way it is” mentality.. who says that’s how it has to stay? If people don’t like it, take action, nothing gets better by shrugging it off an going back to being a slave to your job or your debt.. I think so many people are scared (whether they consciously believe it or not) of even trying to change things, because change has become equated with with violence or aggression, change can and should be a good thing.. this status quo will never advance us, it will just keep us locked in the same back-breaking, brutal, blaming-the-victim society.

    p.s.There is not a lot I like more than the mocking southern accent and your new “yowk” accent.. the sarcasm is also great and I am in agreeance on the dressing in public bathrooms… all the germs!! blech. haha! the ending was so funny! I loved this! so funny and informative, thanks Lee! 🙂
    Great podcast Lee… thank you!

  4. Rachel and Lee

    Most bugs can’t deal with strong aromatic scents (spiders too). My building has a bad spider problem I use mint tea tree spray in a dollar store spray bottle ( spray windows doors and vents). Really in a pinch mouthwash works too but you run the risk of sticky blue shit on your wall with that. I had a crazy amount of fruit flies this summer too.

    Fruit fly repellant
    You can get all this at a dollar store.
    – Small jar
    – Cotton balls or pads
    – Mint oil
    – Vanilla Oil/Lavender oil

    Combine them in the jar as much as you like just make it fairly strong. Stick the jar or jars near garbages bowls of fruit etc. You can put cheese cloth over the top of the jar if you wanna make it look less goofy. You can add other stuff like sage, tea tree oil or whatever. Works quite well for me.

  5. the fruit fly thing is hilarious.. here in MN we have such high humidity every year around this time they get INSANE! It is “literally” (I mean that) the only thing that makes me look forward to fall/winter is that those annoying things die.. I know what it is like and it’s not like swarms of fruit flies but a small group that seem to appear and disappear… I have to cover my wine and my water constantly for the last weeks of august into sept.. until the temp drops enough that they die off… enter fall.. to me fruit fly season is the sign that summer is gone and cold is coming soon.. I don’t get why they just appear out of nowhere these last few weeks though.. although I would hate all summer with them. this is a tangent stating you don’t even know how much I agree with their annoyance.. I feel like a skilled hunter or reactionist – not a word, but they come up out of nowhere and you have you chance to swat and when I can catch one of them… I feel like it is one of the biggest victories ever! this is just so funny because I go through this every end of summer and I HATE IT.. like get the fuck out of my food, out of my drink, where the fuck did you come from?? Love the fact it is not just me who goes through these mental gymnastics over a stupid annoying bug… (I thought this only happened to me btw).. lol! there should be a support group. haha.

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