Parkland Teacher Says What Isn’t Allowed on MSM [MY EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

I interviewed Kevin Siegelbaum – one of the teachers from the Parkland, FL high school where a shooter killed 17 people on Feb. 14th. He talked with me about how this horrible incident could’ve been avoided and what CNN won’t tell you. I believe it’s a pretty important conversation.

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  1. You should separate those out. I like the take on the water. Glad you are getting pretty clued in on a lot of stuff. Glad to have good media to inform us like you guys. Thanks for your service. People like me are too busy fixing trucks and stuff to make much of a real difference. You guys are changing the world. Not long ago I started a paper called The Green Lake County Liberator. I got all my information for mailing and bulk rate, but in the end it was just too much time money and work. I circulated petitions and such. Nothing ever could make a difference back then. With the advent of cell phones and internet media, it has changed things to the point that they need to censor people like you and me, because people see through their bullshit. Keep fighting it matters.

  2. Mr. Siegelbaum is 100% correct. Right now we have cops who shoot little kids on play grounds for having a squirt gun. These are trained Cops who have done the shooting. You expect Teachers who deal one on one constantly to be better trained? Under less stress? Not afraid? Its ridiculous to expect Teachers to be armed and teach, when you have Cops who do nothing but deal with criminals and dangerous situations, who can not make the distinction between a kid with a toy, or someone mentally ill, from someone with a criminal intent. Quite frankly, it seems to me that those at the top are trying to find a way to place the blame on teachers, whom they have had a target on for too long, instead of their own fault for this situation happening.

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