Over 1 Million Views For Jimmy Dore & I Tearing Apart NY Times Propagandist

  1. Has Bari Weiss responded at all to what happened in this embarrassing interview? A follow up would be appreciated unless she really is that dumb.

  2. I was skeptical to watch your show Jimmy , as I can’t take any more lowbrow bullshat. But you exceeded my expectations-
    It was nice to see someone call out the propaganda being slung 24-7 on every f-n broadcast.
    Thank you –
    Max Random

  3. Hi Brandi. It was a joke. That guy was pretending to be a Republican on the panel. I know he wasn’t introduced, but the live crowd knew that he was playing a Republican asshole.

  4. All the great, life-sustaining ‘Milk of GTF-Outa-here,’ you can tolerate in such a short span! This is so packed with info-vitamins, and ass-kicking wit, the Doctor needs to keep prescribing it all over the place! We dearly love us some Jimmy Dore, and Lee Camp and all them guys!

  5. Don’t pull up the standard that females have to smile. Its so degrading its like expecting them to do jumping jacks, just for you. Thats all. You guys are great.

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