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MOC #1 Brought to you by
MOC #2 Don’t Touch My Junk
MOC #3 American Tear Gas Canisters Used In Egypt
MOC #4 Wikileaks for President in 2012
MOC #5 Children Should Be Covered In Safety Goo
MOC #6 The US Could Never Protest Like Egypt Has
MOC #7 The Wonders of Lab-Grown Meat
MOC #8 To All The Homophobes
MOC #9 Ignore The Wisconsin Protests And Instead LOOK OVER THERE!!
MOC #10 Justin Bieber Better Than The GOP on Health Care?
MOC #11 War Criminals Sell Books
MOC #12 We’re Losing A Game Of Solitaire!
MOC #13 What Do Glenn Beck and Hugh Hefner Have In Common??
MOC #14 Psyops At Starbucks
MOC #15 The Wisconsin Protesters Are Damn Slobs!!
MOC #16 Send The D-bags To War
MOC #17 Outsourcing Nuclear Meltdown To Other Countries
MOC #18 Evil People Have Plans!
MOC #19 The New World Hippyism
MOC #20 The Endangered Species No One Is Talking About
MOC #21 We Can’t Control The Monsters We Create
MOC #22 The Answer To Police Brutality?
MOC #23 Are Facebook & Youtube Making Us ***holes?
MOC #24 Corporations Pay Less In Taxes Than YOU, Yeah YOU
MOC #26 Is Wall Street Set Up To Reward Evil?
MOC #27 Does Our Society Only Value Manipulation?
MOC #28 Is A Two Party System Really Democracy?
MOC #29 Ugly People Earn 12% Less In Workplace
MOC #30 Is Our Culture A Big Pile Of [feces]??
MOC #31 Hedge Funds Make More In An Hour Than You Make In A Half Century
MOC #32 What We Should Really Ask Ourselves About Bin Laden’s Death
MOC #33 Can Women Save The World?
MOC #34 Will Computers Take Over The Earth??
MOC #35 Is $9 Million The Proper Cost Of A Human Life?
MOC #36 Speaking Truth To Evil: Exposing The Koch Bros.
MOC #37 What If There Were No Manipulation For Just One Day?
MOC #38 That’s The Real History Of America??
MOC #39 Climate Change Is NOT Real!
MOC #40 US Gov’t Giving Guns To Your Friendly Neighborhood Drug Cartel
MOC #41 The Worst People On The Entire Planet
MOC #42 We Have More People In Jail Than Any Other Country – USA Is #1!!
MOC #43 You Are Not Alone OR Fighting Back Is Bad For Ratings
MOC #44 What’s Real Anymore?
MOC #45 Let’s Take Apathy Out To The Shed And Shoot It In The Face
MOC #46 Top 10 Ways To Punch Big Banks In The Nads
MOC #47 No One Is On The Edge Of Glory
MOC #48 Executing An Innocent Man And Other Summertime Games!
MOC #49 Hey Millennial Generation, Get Out Of The Basement!
MOC #50 Anthony Weiner Should Only Resign If His Knob Killed Innocent Civilians
MOC #51 Are College Students Now ONLY Taught How To F**K The Little Guy?
MOC #52 Now We Have To Wage War On Grolar Bears?!
MOC #53 How Much Privacy Should We Give Away In The Name Of Safety?
MOC #54 Without Unions America Would Red, White, & Blow!
MOC #55 Tha Gretest Challenje Faceng The Unitid Stayts
MOC #56 You Can’t Spell Corrupt Without COURT
MOC #57 Getting Pissed On By The Power Elite
MOC #58 Are Our Schools Crushing Creativity?
MOC #59 Advertisements Are @ssholes
MOC #60 Television Will Be The End Of Us
MOC #61 YOU TOO Can Get In on For-Profit Tragedy!
MOC #62 Congress Can Go Fck Itself With An Energy-Saving Light Bulb
MOC #63 Stealing Water From Children & Other Good Business Practices
MOC #64 What If We Thought About Thinking?
MOC #65 This Video Is For Rich People Only
MOC #66 I Have The Cure For Cancer
MOC #67 A New & Exciting Reason You Shouldn’t Be Racist!
MOC #68 Health Insurance Companies Using Psychological Trickery – What Are The Odds?!
MOC #69 The Truth About The Riots In London & Protests In Chile
MOC #70 It’s Time For Subliminal Truth
MOC #71 Do Countries Matter Anymore?
MOC #72 In A Blind World, The One-Eyed Man Is King
MOC #73 Is Our Wildlife On Antidepressants??
MOC #74 The Best Analogy For Religion Ever
MOC #75 What Do Peanuts Have To Do With Terrorism?
MOC #76 Four Degrees Removed From Reality
MOC #77 REPUBLICANS: My Calm & Collected Assessment of The GOP Field
MOC #78 A Detailed Plan To Decrease Corporate Power
MOC #79 The Police Are On The Wrong Side At The Occupy Wall Street Protests
MOC #80 The TRUTH About The Occupy Wall Street Protests
MOC #81 Are We The Modern Day Pompeii?
MOC #82 The Only Way To Fix The World
MOC #83 Occupy Wall Street Is A Thought Revolution – And It Won’t Be Minimized
MOC #84 The Best Kind Of Manipulation
MOC #85 Wall Street Is Dirtier Than Occupy Wall Street
MOC #86 The Numbers Behind Occupy Wall Street
MOC #87 It’s Time To Pull America Out Of The Stone Age
MOC #88 Why Don’t The Occupy Protesters Stop Whining & Just Work Hard?!
MOC #89 Occupy Wall Street Has Proven We Don’t Have Free Speech
MOC #90 CEO’s & Pedophiles/ Corporate Greed & Touching Children
MOC #91 How To Rig An Election In Just A Few Easy Steps
MOC #92 Afraid To Stand Up Against Your Corporate Abusers? Try Some Occupy!
MOC #93 Kim Kardashian, Occupy Wall Street, & Credit Default Swaps
MOC #94 You Can’t Pepper Spray A Mental Awakening
MOC #95 What Are We Truly Willing To Fight For?
MOC #96 The Ugly Reheated Undercooked Truth About GMO Foods
MOC #97 Is Occupy Wall Street Having An Effect?
MOC #98 Destroying The Internet As We Know It?
MOC #99 A List Of Corporate Criminals Ravaging The World
MOC #100 Life, Liberty, & Indefinite Detention Without A Trial
MOC #101 Vulture Funds And The Greediest Men Alive
MOC #102 The TRUTH About War With Iran
MOC #103 What TRULY Offends The Masses?
MOC #104 The FINAL Word On 2011: A Year In Review
MOC #105 Hydraulic Fracking Causing Fracking Earthquakes!
MOC #106 The Secret To How Our Society’s Owners Get Away With Everything
MOC #107 Why I’m Racist
MOC #108 ALEC And The Circumventing Of Our Democracy
MOC #109 Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized
MOC #110 Occupy Congress – Live Performance In The Belly Of The Beast
MOC #111 The Reason War Will Go On Forever
MOC #112 How To Destroy The Environment, Steal Money, & Look Good Doing It
MOC #113 How To Argue With A Republican
MOC #114 Factory Farming And How Oinky Killed 18000 People
MOC #115 How Much Is That Election In The Window?
MOC #116 The Climate Change Revolution Is Coming
MOC #117 We Are Nothing
MOC #118 The Right Wing Is Taking Rights Away From Women, But Were They Really Using Them?
MOC #119 Oh My Gawd! Fun With Big Bank Fraud!
MOC #120 Should Hearing From God Disqualify You From Running For President?
MOC #121 Citizen Privacy Vs. Corporation/Government Privacy
MOC #122 The Only Way To Make Congress Act Ethically?
MOC #123 Is This The TRUE Republican Motivation?
MOC #124 Anti-Occupy Law Passed By Congress & White House Nearly Unanimously
MOC #125 Is This The End Of The American Empire?
MOC #126 What Do Strip Clubs Have To Do With Police Brutality?
MOC #127 How To Stop Ourselves From Being Destroyed From The Inside
MOC #128 Where Did Dick Cheney’s New Heart REALLY Come From??
MOC #129 Why Occupy Wall Street Is More Important Than Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum
MOC #130 Four Ways Fox News Manipulates You
MOC #131 This Week I Solve The Unemployment Crisis
MOC #132 You’re A Slave And Here’s Why
MOC #133 Google Glasses Will Destroy Our Society
MOC #134 The Human Race & Other Evil Little Bastards
MOC #135 May 1st Call To Action – Changing The World From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
MOC #136 Trayvon Martin, Pregnant Man, Wal-Mart, & Battleship – The MOC Week in Review
MOC #137 The Right & Left Agreeing?! Say It Ain’t So!
MOC #138 Pigs, Bankers, & Date Rapists
MOC #139 What You Might Not Know About The Prison Industrial Complex
MOC #140 Is The Path To Happiness Being Kept A Secret?
MOC #141 15 Crucial Facts NEVER Heard On The Mainstream Media
MOC #142 Is The US Being Sold For Parts?
MOC #143 Introducing The Department Of Homeland Insecurity
MOC #144 How A Single Olive Destroyed Common Decency
MOC #145 Obama Administration Changes The Definition Of ‘Civilians’
MOC #146 In Defense Of Stop & Frisk
MOC #147 The REAL Reason Wisconsin Failed To Recall Scott Walker
MOC #148 Congress Working To Overturn Ban On Propaganda
MOC #149 Vaginas, Sea Level, And The Banning Of Reality
MOC #150 People Are Born Gay, People Are Taught Hatred
MOC #151 Is Everything Designed To Break?
MOC #152 The Jobs ARE NOT Coming Back And Here’s Why
MOC #153 The Shadows Are Taking Over
MOC #154 How To Smuggle A Baby For Fun & Profit
MOC #155 Did The Lord Say To Be A Greedy A$$hole?
MOC #156 America Is Too Fat, Skinny, & Free!
MOC #157 In Defense Of Bad Words
MOC #158 The Euro Was DESIGNED To Fail!
MOC #159 Storming The Headquarters Of Chase Bank
MOC #160 On The Brink Of Cultural Singularity
MOC #161 Why Can’t War Be Fun For The Whole Family?!
MOC #162 Your Vote WILL Be Stolen And Here’s How
MOC #163 A Bedtime Story About Fraud, Corruption, & Snorting Koch
MOC #164 The TRUTH About Voting
MOC #165 Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, & The Fifty Shades of Rape
MOC #166 The Experts Are WRONG and Here’s How
MOC #167 The TRUTH About The Republican National Convention and Hurricane Isaac
MOC #168 What You’re Doing Right Now Might Not Matter At All
MOC #169 Why The Occupy Anniversary on Sept. 17th Matters
MOC #170 Are We In The Middle Of The Zombie Apocalypse?!
MOC #171 I Know Who Will Win The Presidential Election (Seriously)
MOC #172 Sometimes You Gotta Think Outside The Box
MOC #173 Where Do YOU Get Your News?
MOC #174 Burn Your Money… Or Maybe Just Put It Away
MOC #175 You Won’t Believe What You’re Eating Right Now
MOC #176 The Propaganda Film You Probably Don’t Know You’re Watching
MOC #177 The TRUTH About The Mayan Prediction The World Will End In 2012
MOC #178 I Went To The Cayman Islands To Expose The Truth About Romney’s Tax Shelters
MOC #179 Why You Don’t Even Know That A Presidential Candidate Was Arrested Last Night
MOC #180 What Do Paul Ryan and Bigfoot Spotters Have In Common?
MOC #182 The Depression Cure That Society Won’t Allow
MOC #183 How Hurricane Sandy Is A Good Thing
MOC #184 ELECTION 2012: The Results! (with Cursing!)
MOC #185 Are We Stuck In Permanent Childhood?
MOC #186 The Top Secret Deal Between 11 Countries That Will Affect Your Life
MOC #187 How To Make Renewable Energy More Dangerous
MOC #188 THIS Is Where Occupy Is Going
MOC #189 The Most Powerful Psychopaths In The World
MOC #190 Stop Trying To Make Your Life Normal!
MOC #191 Six Things That Will Change The World
MOC #192 15 Years Of Manipulation And Degradation
MOC #193 The TRUTH About The War In Afghanistan
MOC #194 The TRUE Gun Control Debate
MOC #195 What Makes You Do What You Do?
MOC #196 How Words Can Change The World
MOC #197 2012: Here’s What REALLY Happened Over The Past Year
MOC #198 What A Near Death Experience Can Do For YOU
MOC #199 To Head CIA Obama Nominates The Ringmaster of The Festival of Torture: John Brennan
MOC #200 The Endless Fight For Control Of Our Consciousness
MOC #201 The TRUTH Behind The Bankruptcy of An All-American Company
MOC #202 Let’s Play The ‘How Corrupt Is My State?’ Game!!
MOC #203 Every 30 Minutes A Farmer Kills Himself, You’ll Never Guess Why
MOC #204 US Government Found GUILTY Of Murdering Martin Luther King Jr.
MOC #205 Western Civilization Has All The Signs of Collapsing Empire
MOC #206 Why The Truth About Iceland Is So Dangerous To The U.S.
MOC #207 The Number One Thing The United States Subsidizes?
MOC #208 We’re In The Middle Of A Global Awakening
MOC #209 How You Know Fracking Can Not And Will Not Ever Be Safe
MOC #210 You Should THANK Every Apathetic Person You Meet
MOC #211 Radioactive Metals To Be Used In Forks, Belt Buckles, Other Consumer Goods
MOC #212 Corporate Profits Set Records While Average People Suffer
MOC #213 How Corporatist Monkeys Fill Our Food With Sawdust
MOC #215 The TRUTH About The Secret Black Box Big Banks Use To Manipulate Mortgages
MOC #216 How Franchises Are Destroying Our Culture
MOC #217 Police Spend Millions Of Hours Arresting People For This Stupid Reason
MOC #218 Is This Proof That Media Opinions Are Bought?
MOC #219 The Secret Way Monsanto Controls Our Government
MOC #220 What Exxon Doesn’t Want You To Know About The Arkansas Oil Spill & Tar Sands Pipeline
MOC #221 How Corporations Create Animal Cruelty
MOC #222 Obama’s Drone Strikes Aren’t Killing Who You Think They’re Killing
MOC #223 Something Everybody Struggling To Get By MUST Remember
MOC #224 Congress & Obama Pass Bill To ALLOW Their Own Insider Trading
MOC #225 Real Life Barbie Doll Body Looks Disgusting
MOC #226 What If There Were A Different Government That Wasn’t Owned By Corporations?
MOC #227 The Big Secret Of The Boston Bombing Aftermath
MOC #228 Why Native Americans Should Thank Us
MOC #229 The Place Where American Morals Go To Die
MOC #230 How Best To Trample The Common Man
MOC #231 If You’re Rich, You’re Thankful For America Right Now
MOC #232 The Most Dangerous Discussion In The World?
MOC #233 Bet You Never Knew THIS About Climate Change
MOC #234 YOU Are A Slave and Here’s How
MOC #235 What The Pentagon Doesn’t Want You To Remember
MOC #236 How To Change The World Before Your Lunch Break
MOC #237 What Do McDonald’s Hamburgers And Mummies Have In Common?
MOC #238 You’re Being Manipulated When You Least Expect It
MOC #239 STUNNING Video of Unknown Deep Sea Creature
MOC #240 How To End Terrorism In A Single Day
MOC #241 The Media Is Lying To You About Whistleblowers Ed Snowden & Bradley Manning
MOC #242 What You Don’t Know About The NSA Spying Program
MOC #243 What Walmart Doesn’t Want You To Know About Their Products
MOC #244 Facts About The Free Market That Will Blow Your Mind
MOC #245 That Person Who Says You’re Too Political? They’re Equally Political
MOC #246 Man Facing 13 Years In Prison For THAT?!
MOC #247 The Liquidation Of Our Future Could Be Stopped If We Just Do One Thing
MOC #248 Really? Advertisements To Be Projected Directly Into Your What?
MOC #249 The George Zimmerman Trial Goes Much Deeper Than The Media Will Tell You
MOC #250 Being Treated Like Sh*t At Work? This Might Be The Answer
MOC #251 90% Of Us Are Groomed To Be Failures
MOC #252 Thinking Of Reporting A Vatican Sex Crime? Now, It’s Illegal!
MOC #253 NASA Releases Video Saying We’re F**ked By The Year 2100
MOC #254 What Does Military Racism Have To Do With Streaking At Baseball Games?
MOC #255 How Our Government Is Becoming Increasingly Secretive
MOC #256 This Is The Instruction Manual To Pillaging The World
MOC #257 Holy Crap! This Is Really Good News!
MOC #258 What Does The Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke Performance Say About Our Culture?
MOC #259 The Mind-Blowing Truth About War With Syria
MOC #260 Three Inventions That Could Save The World [Good News Part 2]
MOC #261 Leaked Memo Reveals Who Caused The Global Financial Collapse (It’s Not Good)
MOC #262 I Didn’t Think The US Was Becoming A Banana Republic Until I Saw This
MOC #263 I Don’t Want To Live In This World Anymore
MOC #264 Do You Have Any Idea What $50 TRILLION Looks Like?!
MOC #265 What The Pope Has Said That’s Too Dangerous To Talk About
MOC #266 One Bold City Stands Up For Their People Against Unconstitutional Detention
MOC #267 Supreme Court Preps The Final Nail For The Coffin Of Democracy
MOC #268 The Shocking Reason Gun Rights Don’t Matter
MOC #269 How Reality TV Is Eating Us Alive
MOC #270 Are Local Police Preparing For War?
MOC #271 Is This The Main Obstacle In The Way Of Change?
MOC #272 Scientific Models Now Showing Revolt Is Our Only Chance?
MOC #273 Random Thoughts That Could Change The World… Or Not At All
MOC #274 REALLY? Chevron Suing The Victims Of Their OWN Toxic Dumping?
MOC #275 I Found A Way To Use Corporations’ Own Tricks Against Them
MOC #276 The Shocking Truth About Black People
MOC #277 Why Are We Here?
MOC #278 Dystopia Will Not Attack Us, It Will Slowly Consume Us
MOC #279 This Wooden Table Will Change The Way You View The World
MOC #280 Fast Food Workers Strike Nationwide While The Nation Becomes Extra Wide
MOC #281 Thousands of Drones Set To Take Over Our Skies?
MOC #282 The Overwhelming Force We Pretend Doesn’t Exist
MOC #283 The Most Jaw-Dropping Underreported Stories Of 2013
MOC #284 You’ve Agreed To Something Crucial And Don’t Even Know It
MOC #285 You Won’t Believe Who’s Teaching Children To LOVE Fracking!
MOC #286 Is A Worldwide Wave Of Action On The Horizon?
MOC #287 What George Zimmerman’s Celebrity Boxing Match Says About America
MOC #288 SHOCKING Video Of Crashed Drone Hit With Rocks By Afghan Villagers
MOC #289 How Did Our History End Up Being Bullsh*t?
MOC #290 Bill Hicks – 20 Years Since His Death, Still Speaking The Truth
MOC #291 A 10-Sec Happy Video That Might Make You Stop Eating Meat
MOC #292 You Can Now Drive Across The US For Free, Mainstream Media Ignores It
MOC #293 They Can Remote Control Living Creatures? Seriously?!
MOC #294 The Secret Reason Sustainable Living Is Now Illegal
MOC #295 You Don’t Even Know You’re Being Manipulated
MOC #296 You Won’t Believe What The World Bank President Said!
MOC #297 What If The Truth Were Out For All To See?
MOC #298 Scientific Study Proves US Is Not A Democracy!
MOC #299 A New Low In The War Against The Poor
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