MOC Audio Podcast #200 – I sit down KATHY McCONAGHIE, co-creator of OWS WEEK and much more…

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1) Music is by John Benware and 2MX2 and is part of this song competition:
2) The OWS Week Facebook page is here:
3) To learn more about Iceland’s situation, watch this clip – and to read about the return of debtor’s prisons, go here:
4) To get tickets for my show in BOSTON, go here:
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  1. Thank you so very much, they’re awesome and thank you for trolling the breadth of the leftist music scene for, as always, the best of the best. XD

  2. What is artist and name of song at 52:09 of this podcast? John Benware’s entry in the “Dream Reborn Song Competition” is a campy thing and hardly the techno-punk-rock thingy at the end. Please.

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