MOC #236 – A Million Revolutions!

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  1. Tiny acts of resistance:
    I use open source software pretty much exclusively. I’m here running Ubuntu Linux and my Firefox is armoured like something from a Mad Max movie with add-ons like Ghostery, Adblock Plus, Click & Clean, Redirect Remover, Smart Referer, HTTPS Everywhere I use Ixquick as my default search engine so that Google does not know everything about me. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter.
    At the shop, I pay with cash, not PIN. A PIN transaction is a transaction with the bank. Some shops and cafés here in Amsterdam don’t accept cash nowadays. I stay away from those.
    Here in Europe, GMO labeling is mandatory. So I scan the contents listing of products for the word “modified”.And mineral oil products like aspartame. And no Nestlé, of course.
    BTW: I have a question. Who is to credit for that awesome Laibach-esque Lee Camp remix on the audio version of this one?

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