Lies, Opium, & A Trillion Dollars In Afghanistan [VIDEO]

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  1. Even the MSM’s revelations contains obfuscations. Several years ago, I had a conversation with a veteran recently returned from Afghanistan. He told me that when he was there, his orders had nothing to do with the Taliban or protecting the Afghani people. His orders were, “Protect the poppy fields.”

    A few years later, I watched a news report by a local newscaster who I usually found annoyingly right wing, but this time he actually had the courage to broadcast a report on the escalation of the opioid epidemic, legal and illegal, and how it correlated with the beginning and continuation of the Afghan war and had increased steadily since the war began. He had charts and statistics.

    I read the side report in the Washington Post specifically dealing with the opium trade. Reading that, you would be left with the impression that they were trying to stop the opium trade. However, the word I saw used was “control”. They didn’t actually mean control as in “stop”, they meant control as in “take control of”. The real reason for the war is so the government could supply the literal “opiates of the people,” because dead and drug addicted people aren’t paying attention to what their government is doing. The Afghan war is a drug war, but not in the way they want us to think. The increase in opium production is not an unintended consequence.

  2. Afgha istan is about the pipeline corridors and the trillion dollar resource mountain. And yes, they did dress up two dead farmers as terrorists and bombed Kuwaiti oilfields with napalm for two weeks; book The Fire This Time, by Ramsey Clark. And yes, that was a solid 3,000,000 dead Iraqis verified by an on-the-ground medical survey.

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