Joe Bragged About Writing The Patriot Act! (Moment Of Clarity)

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2 responses to “Joe Bragged About Writing The Patriot Act! (Moment Of Clarity)”

  1. Felix says:

    Thanks to you, Jimmy and others who are saying the truth loud and clear. No one is metnioning the fact that 9/11, without a shadow of doubt, was an inside job, but that could be pretty dangeorus.

  2. H says:

    Unless you have airtime and can get in touch with the masses fast , vote is almost upon us . Joe gets to Chito Hitler out. That’s what we’ve got so far. Show you can get Global or sit down. I do not care for military Police States and using a Plandemic to force shutdown lives. If the Chito is not addressed it’s no America left. Big Corps get every last stitch n bite of food

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