“How A Single Olive Destroyed Common Decency” – MOC #143

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  1. You go Lee …I have been watching you for a long time and you definitely have honed your craft! Keep speaking truth to power!

  2. I got a link to you from an article on AlterNet. I can’t get enough of your videos, please keep ’em coming. I put your stuff on my FB page and I have been e-mailing many of your videos to my friends. Thank you so much for telling it like it is! Love it, love it, love it, love it!!!

  3. Perfect insight and wonderful ideas! Scott Ledger turned me on to to you and I approve! Bubba Army!

  4. casting support – everything he says is true (well, almost everything)

    say, did you know there are 27 pieces of legislation for state secession?

    think about it…

  5. I’m all for horses and immature ejaculation. And bathroom sinks. Great stuff.

  6. Hey Lee, solidarity from the Great White North!! A bunch of us at Occupy Regina spent many a night watching MsOC to lift our spirits after the snow fell last fall. You are an inspiration, and we sure appreciate your work. We can all use a reminder of those out there who are fighting just as hard as we are.

    If you haven’t had a chance yet, get caught up on Casserole Night in Montreal, and spreading across Canada. (I’m not even joking – check it out!) The first national event was last night and was a smashing success here. Might make interesting fuel for an MOC.

    Remember, we ARE the majority and TRUTH is on our side. The only way we can fail is if we fail to act. Keep fighting!

  7. MBA’s are the new profession to be despised. It used to be lawyers, well, it still it lawyers but you really have to stand in awe of how MBA’s have changed your world. They have figured out how to nickel and dime you to death wherever you may be. 20 bucks for internet at a hotel. Baggage fees. Every little instance where you are charged a fee is the handiwork of a well paid MBA. From private equity firms that loot businesses as the run up their credit sometimes forcing the company into bankruptcy. To mandatory fees for things that used to be free. These guys have worked hard and continue to work hard everyday finding ways to get every cent they can from you in any given situation. Next time you have to take a trip, from the hotel to the rental car, the flight and the restaurant, take notice at what some MBA has you now paying for or has taken away in his search for profit.

  8. Even though I haven’t donated shite to your web site (yet), I still want a free book. Furthermore I have flown all over the world until about 3 years ago (changed jobs), and I would do anything to avoid having to wait to be molested, all the extra charges, along with crappier service, and you can’t really blame the employees they’re getting screwed worse than we are. Teleportation, just wait Lee, it’s right behind cell phones (you go first though).


  9. Love your videos! You have this voice – it’s like a drug. But most of all I like your passion and zealous attitude. Way to go:)

  10. Oh and I would love your book. No I mean ‘love it’. Really…

  11. Your logic is flawless, your delivery memorable. I love getting my clarification from the angry comedian who says ‘fuck’ a lot. 🙂

  12. While on the note of transportation, everyone should plan an extra day and just take the train. You aren’t required to sit in any pre-determined schematized code and no one shoots cancer at your balls just to get on-board.

    Save the book entry. Not because I don’t want one; just so you can be sure there’s at least one non-prize-influenced comment.

  13. Word. Another good’er. I really hope I can catch your set on Friday. Peace, from Vancouver!

  14. Airlines – now that’s a good topic! They reduce the quality of their food and services onboard, but they increase air traffic due to lots and lots of commercials. In Sweden anyway… Why not try and develop a more climate friendly airplane with all that money they save? No, lets continue use the jet fuel. Also, more air traffic equals more Chemtrails!

  15. Don’t tell them we want common decency. There will soon be a “Common Decency” surcharge on all our bills. Great rant Lee.

  16. “Flying fuck for the fucks that are flying”! Ha! Love it. As always, awesome words Lee!

  17. I heard this one early tonight on “Dangerous Conversation”. Ledge put me on to your stuff, keep up the great work. I’m gonna do my best to see your show on June 4. Be well.

  18. I constantly am torn between my absolute despising of the antagonistic nature of our political system (and society as a whole) and my acknowledgement that I am in the minority.

    Or better put, I don’t like how it seems that we are pushed to be just as much of some condescending pricks as those we are opposed to, and wish we could just find some way to get things done without getting that way, and the realization that it is just not possible.

    I’m reminded of that scene in Copland where Stallone as the small town NJ Sheriff trying to stop corruption and encouraging Keitel to just turn himself in and things will work out. Keitel responds with a great reply to that which summed up to “it’d be real nice to just do the right thing and all hold hands singing we are the world, but that’s not how things work”.

    So I’m constantly going back and forth on that. Not wanting to get into the mud and be just as much of an asshole as those on the other side, and realizing that unfortunately it’s past the point of no return on that.

    Great video as usual, Lee. Keep up the important work!

  19. So true Lee, we are mere cattle, sheeple if u will, in corporations eyes. Until the profit motive is completely revolutionized, I’m afraid that they only look to us as consumers, not citizens. Sucking the life out of us and this planet.
    We should fight back and suck all the life out of them by withdrawing all our money from the big Wall Street banks and simply opt-out.

    P.S. Hey Lee, I really want your book…so please enter me into the contest! 🙂

  20. I didn’t know you were old enough to remember the times when companies worked for customers, instead of customers working for companies. It makes me very sad.

  21. I just avoid flying in general it seems now. Unenvironmental and invasive.

    Thank you for your podcast! I enjoy listening to it!


  22. 25 years ago I might have looked at this differently – as I’m a member of AARP and getting more fragile each day, I’m really not up to keeping my elbow high like when I joined in a mosh pit – just to get a seat on a FN airplane – Seriously?!

  23. This was a good one Lee!

    “They don’t give a flying fuck for the fucks who are flying.” Nice.

    “I’m sorry sir, you can not give common decency (CD) to Lucile Ball’s ghost. Delta Airlines is the exclusive provider of common decency ™ in the air. We have priced CD according to a very complex algorithm and your attempt to circumvent the system is requiring me to contact the TSA. You may be a terrorist. Buh Bye.”

  24. Hah, you can tell I’m new to the site. Ah well, great stuff nevertheless! I have a heavy-duty watching spree to go on.

  25. Yeah, actually when I say it in plural I say “Moments of Clarity” but that category was created a year ago, and it would be a headache to change.

  26. So if I pay more can my annoying kids sit with someone else and I can rest on the flight? I will give up an olive for that but you have to give me back a pillow.

  27. The fall of common decency is not exclusive to airlines, it is the banks that want to charge you for access to a person, at the bank… they’d rather have you go to an ATM to figure out what you need… thanks for your videos…

  28. It’s funny, really. I’d patronize a business that didn’t treat me like meat with money—therefore giving them more money. But companies just want to brute-force their way to record quaterly profits, and it’s certainly working for them. Makes me unhappy.

    Addendum: Shouldn’t the category this is filed under technically be called “Past Moments of Clarity”?

  29. Lee,

    I learned about you from the documentary “Owned and Operated”. I love the videos, keep em’ coming!

  30. Don’t know about advocating anarchist revolution in an airport. kind of a stronghold for the wealthy. maybe it would be better to start with the bus station

  31. this is why I don’t fly , love the new MOC and I would like to be in the running for one of them great books , thanks Lee.

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