LIMITED TIME: FREE Download of Lee’s Album “Pepper Spray The Tears Away”

In celebration of reaching 200,000 amazing fans on Facebook through word-of-mouth alone, I’m making one of my comedy albums, Pepper Spray The Tears Away, free for download. Thank you for supporting independent comedy that has something meaningful to say.

Keep fighting.

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    1. Thanks from Scotland, Lee. You might like to check out a band called Stanley Odd – not a sales pitch – just a fan but they speak with our voice too. Keep fighting man x

    2. Even tho I already bought this album when you released it your generosity is appreciated my friend. If I ever go to the east coast you are one of the people I would like to meet most.

    3. Thank you so much Lee for the album download and for allowing us to not only broadcast your voice on our network, but joining us in the fight against the Right Wing Hate Machine! Every raindrop we can collect will eventually create a tsunami! Peace Lee & Keep fighting! <3

    4. Hey Lee love your work it makes the news not sting as much And think it helps a lot of people wake up to what is happening in the world BY the way thanks for the downloads

    5. Top man Lee. Thanks for the freebie. You really art quite funny altho’ I knew that already. Now I know how generous you can be tooo, all pr I know only it’s great to get you mainstreaming in the UK. When you gigging in our once glorious nation The NotQuiteSoUnitedKingdom of RunDown Britain. We’re in the same shitty state as you lot so no need to alter your routine tooo much if @all. ViVa The Revelation.

    6. Thank you for this. I appreciate the work you do for the Green Party. They are the sane alternative to the two-party system and the compassionate alternative to Ayn Rand Libertarianism.

      I think the main mistake my parents made with me was in telling me that I was to be seen and not heard, expecting blind obedience in return. I so wanted to get in on their discussions around the table at family gatherings back in the day. They had great back-and-forths on political doings. But I was discouraged from interrupting or asking questions and now I look back and wonder how different things might be if I had been encouraged to use my voice. I don’t wholly blame them either, for there are many others who were raised under similar constraints who spoke up and spoke out anyway.

      Keep speaking up for us, Lee, and I will try to speak up for us too. I am in my mid-fifties and it feels almost like it’s too late, but it’s not too late to learn to use my voice because I still have one, and it’s not too late for my children and grandchildren.Change is imperative and it will come no matter what, but by speaking out and through our actions we can determine the quality and direction of that change. I love your angry humor. It’s just the right flavor for the work ahead.

    7. THANKS FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!! —- I am afraid that the only hope for Real Americans, who haven’t sold out, is Political Asylum or to Seek Succession from the US and the criminal insanity of the Federal Authorities running the US, as Elections are clearly controlled, and choreographed, and most Americans have been dumbed down so much that they can’t figure out that the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same sword used to betray and kill this country, the Constitution, and the people living here. Americans can’t see that drugs are still being trucked in and the covert government is the biggest part of the problem.

      SECEDING FROM THE UNITED STATES IS THE ONLY SOLUTION for people who want to stay here …………Edward Snowden just scratched the surface of the corruption and how the data gathering, technology and surveillance operations are being used for harassment and criminal targeting operations. FOIA denials, FOIA Appeal denials, gag orders, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Classifying information has led to the suppression of information about how deep the criminal activities of government personnel, agents, operatives, informants and contractors has gone.

      The way things are going now, most people are going to end up in one of the governments new Reservations/FEMA Camps these days, especially if the NDAA is implemented, UNLESS people decide to SECEDE from the United States, or the government decides to use the stockpile of ammo they’ve given to Federal Government agencies and Homeland Security now.

      If people want to eliminate crime and corruption they must first realize that if you can’t stop the problem locally then there is no way to stop it at the national level….. The corruption is too deep, the technology is too advanced, and the embedded criminals in government have sought to distract, divert and disinform the population with numerous activities, as well as the control of the media, embedded journalists and activists as well as disinformation specialists. ….. The only real choice is to separate from the corrupt organized criminal syndicate – regime that cannot be deposed. It is the only way to stop drug trafficing, burglaries, murders, staged criminal events, and other criminal activities that the government is engaged in. (People fleeing government corruption would soon flood any area that was seceding though and those areas would see a dramatic increase in their economies…..if the areas weren’t flooded with people whose votes were vested in the current status quo regime in the US.)

      I have come to this conclusion based on the fact that I have been politically targeted by Homeland Security Agencies for “Watch List” targeted, covert entry burglaries, with locksmith tools, the same way politically incorrect people/organizations have been targeted for IRS Audits……. It is even common knowledge. One man even came up to me in Tukwila, WA and thanked me for exposing the burglaries involving Homeland Security personnel, he gave me a Starbucks gift card and told me that they had done this to thousands of people.

      There is an activist being tried for death penalty crimes in Seattle and I believe he is another patsy who has been set up to be framed by the same group of covert criminals operating behind Homeland Security Badges in Washington state. These Homeland Security Criminal Agents even came into the house while I briefly left to take garbage down the street about a block for it’s weekly pickup, and unchambered the Glock I was sleeping with (due to the numerous illegal entries and burglaries), and slipped a magazine of regular slugs in, in place of the hollow points that were in it……… One of the Sheriff deputies even harassed me for reporting the burglaries (on his day off) and lied to the Sheriff about it. After confronting the Sheriff, he said he couldn’t do anything about another agency’s personnel, that all he could do was ask his men to stay away from them……..


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