“Factory Farming And How Oinky Killed 18,000 People” – M.O.C. #114

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  1. I was always suspicious of what money does to people, but I decided to live and let live. If people want to be materialistic butt heads, so be it. I knew I was never likely to own or even want to own a mansion or a Ferarri, but I didn’t mind so much that others did. What tears me up is that the insanely rich are not satiated with materialistic manifestations of wealth, they use their excess money (ill gotten mostly because the system is rigged) to buy venal politicans, or is that a redundant expression? Anyway, they back the least spiritually evolved or our species, put them in power, and expect and get a return on their investment. They get laws passed that facilitate even more disparity of wealth and shit on the middle class. They go into office guaranteed a full pension and full health care and while in office, fight to reduce the minimum wage, eliminate health care for others and generally screw over the people who, for some inexplicable reason, voted for them. Or did they? Elections are also rigged and the voting machines are generally owned by private corporations, usually republicans. Isn’t this a great country. I wish someone, some real journalist had the balls to do an in depth study of the symbiotic relationship between big oil and the military industrial fuckheads. The cocksucking Koch bros come from the oil refinery business, what a surprise, they are some “CRUDE” assholes.

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