Exclusive M.O.C. Interview with Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks

  1. What are some things “beyond” the news stories can I get into and read up on to help further my knowledge? Thanks.

  2. Very kind of you. And yes, Shauna, once you start looking “beyond” the news stories, you can’t really stop. Truth is a terrible addiction.

  3. I’m new to the understanding of how our government works and am sad to say that I have been oblivious to it all for quiet some time, but with every podcast I hear, every news story I read, and tv news show I watch I am slowly, but surely coming into my own about how I feel about our country. It is painstakingly obvious that money plays a huge and corrupt role in what happens in our government. I wish that there was an easier way to reverse what has and still is happening with our party system and elected officials. I often feel ashamed to be an American when I learn of more corruption inside of Washington. We say that this is the best country on Earth, but we are not. We are no where close to that statement giving the nasty, deceitful things that so called American officials are doing to only better themselves and not the majority of the hard working Americans that suffer each day. I look up to Lee, Cenk, and many other people who have the words that I have yet to find myself that speak truth, wisdom, and real discussions that need to be talked about. Keep it up guys!

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