Earth On Track To Lose Most Clouds & Rain (Moment Of Clarity)

  1. Lee, the clean energy we need to power everything in the world is out there. Nikola Tesla figured out how to use zero-point energy, and his research was locked away upon his death because it renders the power companies obsolete. Nonetheless, researchers around the globe are working on it and reports are that they are getting close to replicating Tesla’s work. These people must be protected and allowed to share their work….in other words, they will be disappeared if they are not careful. Tesla’s notes ARE SOMEWHERE. Someone must take the risks to obtain and release his research. It will be a world-changer.
    Why not work for that?

  2. sadly you probably won’t get time to read this.
    scientist 1. imagine if we could control the weather to that the sun shines on american crops all day, and rain gently waters them all night, we could *cough* feed the world, we could increase profits exponentially!!
    scientist 2. Imagine we could control the weather and unleash tornado’s and hurricanes on our enemies.
    wealthy sociopath, here is a heap of money, make me a High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.
    And with that H.A.A.R.P. was born and used to heat up the atmosphere, tell me again how “carbon” is the only wicked evil creating global warming.
    l can wait for a reply, l’m in no hurry.

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