“Do Countries Matter Anymore?” MOC #71

  1. hey,who said you don’t do spots analogies..?..tho professional wrestling is less of a sport than…… bowling,really…Andre was my favorite wrestler as a child watching the canadian television saturday shows-there was always some beer available,which turns all activites into a sport,y’know..?..but i gotta wonder if they called them action dolls,oops not dolls,but also not figurines..?..reaching here but that doesn’t sound like a name for a ‘doll’ you’re trying to flog to boys..but hell,boys watching half-naked men grapple&hug inthe ring.?.it’s all rather problematic,i guess and not really to the point of ..anything..good analogy.,!!

  2. 3 times aweek…no writers..?..don’t burn-out man..you have alot left to say..we lost hunter s thompson when his insights,political,were much needed,others pre-empted by cash and an easy ride on a franchised show..those that dared to raise their head above conformzones and the accepted version of events got skewered and banished to cable,if they were lucky…it’s like finishing yr professional basketball career in italy(i know you don’t do sports analogies,that’s a real good thing-in my book)…..anyways,keeping in mind the fate of popular dissent and big media(dan rather ring a bell..?..and my god he toed the line for so much of his career,you think they coulda cut him alittle slack) and not forgetting noam chomskey’s status/promotions&the systemic self-censorship(in regards to others you may come to depend upon)..Be careful out there..The motherfuckers are ultimately greed driven (as m moore said you use their own system to critisize and condemn as long as they made money) but the Greedheads(h s. thompson coined that term,y’know.) have a wideass vicious streak that will rip yr fucking heart outa the body and gorge on the hemoglobin…they also snack on the adrenals-gives you a bettr rush than meth,supposedly,but ya gotta develop a taste for the gristly bitter little nuggets…or so i’ve been told.)Bottomline,watch’er Back and always sleep w/ a loaded gun under the pillow(obviously a small handgun works best comfortwise..something Italian,maybe even 2nd hand from a retiring basketball player,the earlier pension’s are not that generous)…did i mention joe hill..?..another very promising political musical commentary career cut short by powers that be,were,i believe it was a young and inexperienced Rockefellar who felt threatened in his pocketbook,but also unwilling to be mocked with music by a swedish wobbly….Ahh good luck and don’t worry too much about it..don’t wanna lose any more sleep…get a big.feather pillow..Cheers

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