Common Censored #37 – Teaching Kids Crapitalism, Defunding Palm Oil, Apps Tracking Your Ever Move & More

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  1. You asked for tech input re apps tracking the user.
    Turning off your locating function is a deception; it does not give you anonymity. If anything, it gives a false sense of such. Much of the hardware and more software is developed by spook (such as NSA) colluders, or the spooks themselves. With malware installed your phone can have its camera and mic turned off, or appear to have, yet will monitor you. In fact, your phone can appear to be turned off, but still monitor you. Malware installation is a breeze, because modern hardware is designed with back doors. *All* routers have them (your phone and computer traffic travels through many routers), and the most recent processors (the main computer brain) are now made with factory built-in back doors. Intel off-shored all their chip production to Israel, who are the best in the spying field. They train US spooks.
    What does work is taking your phone battery out, physically. Of course, most new phones now have unremovable, hard-wired batteries. Motorola had some smartphones with removable batteries, not sure about their latest ones.
    Besides ensuring spying on the owner, fixed batteries also prevent the ability to carry a spare, charged battery. Also, one of Apple’s recent scandals was that they got caught programming their batteries’ performance to fall off about the time that the new iphones were being released.
    The other thing that works is an envelope or pouch that is emf or rf proof; downside to that is that you can’t receive calls when using one.

  2. Great listen, lots of topics and good explanations. Love the way you’re bringing all this information into the light, and yes being creative isnt always profitable but doing what you love makes it worth it in the end. I will be sharing this episode 37 on my facebook page as well. Keep doing what you’re doing! Greetings from The Netherlands

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