Common Censored 19 – Utopia, Voting Machines Hacked, Artists Exploited

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  1. If KKKobach (those are his actual initials) gets elected governor of Kansas, that might actually be worse than a Trump presidency for them because unlike the big orange doofus, Kobach is somewhat competent.

  2. I’m a Deeep Green Socialist Atheist Anarchist Philosopher misanthropist (jus’ throwin the last in for effect), and fuckin hate cRapitalists as insane as they are.

    All of them are products of seriously bad culture, as in religious sheeeeeit.

    But, in my travails thru schools in adulthood, I did hear Wiser souls than me explain that “capitalism” is cool, and is actually – properly allowed to function – healthy.

    It goes wrong because of bad economics since Adam fell out of a tree, where warmongers become monarchs and refuse to do the right thing in terms of distribution of land, primarily, thus all other stufffff.

    We’re right off the golden path because the long lost tribes of the golden calf have thought it OK to plunder what belongs to the Public. Ie., “Public Services”, and all other things like Essential Services, Utilities rah rah, and a raaaah.

    Otherwise, you’re chat on Utopia was brilliant.

    Inspirations to not drink all the whisky – tonight!

    I made this before I heard the show.

    Thank you for pointing out the stand down order given to the Charlottesville police. It would be good if you had a series of citations and links somewhere (like here) where people could get sources to use in the struggle for truth against fascism/darkness/evil. Trollery and liars are most easily defeated – when you can rebut their ignorance and assertions with a simple link… and maybe a quote or two therefrom. One meme of the Alt-Reich is that antifa are “the real nazis”… Well … proof of fascist violence – and police complicity – makez for a solid answer.

    Glad to see in an earlier comment that Humboldt County is leading the way – away from hackable voting systems. Tim Cannova got ROBBED in Dade County, Florida – sticking the rest of us with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and $hillary (instead of Bernie). In that case the elections officials (when sued) DESTROYED the evidence – in violation of State and Federal law.

    Bev Harris has been leading this charge for some time. Here in Los Angeles County, out tabulation occurs in a blackbox (windowless room)… And using proprietary software. So even when using the “inkavote” system on paper ballots – its still read by machines and the totals are added up in an accountability free/totally hackable fashion.

    My favorite T-shirt, for many years, was a “Welcome to Philadelphia” graphic with the helicopter dropping the bomb on the move house – along with the bullet points on the story. Mumia was loosely affiliated with the MOVE group. He wrote articles in their support – prior to being set-up for the murder of Officer Faulkner (self-defense should have been a valid defense available to him/or a 2nd degree charge – as he was ALSO found shot at the scene).

    I recall watching the MOVE Tragedy/Travesty on the today show – and thinking – “wow… That looks like murder and ‘Civil Rights’ violations” on the part of the cops and FBI who gave them the bomb. But I guess that sometimes you have to DESTROY the neighborhood – to SAVE (white supremacy, and police corruption, IN) the neighborhood…

    That all being said – MOVE looks a bit like a cult… But hey, nothing is a true Utopia…

    Here in LA (maybe 15 years back) – the FBI crashed-in on a similiar permaculture/alternative family group – using their investigation of Josh Connole (whom they falsely accused of igniting several HUMMERS ablaze at a nearby dealership) as the excuse to do so. They seized and searched everybody’s computers/phones/papers/phonebooks at the time. Turns out he was totally innocent. Attorney William Papparian got him a good pay-out with a lawsuit.

    I was peripherally connected – through a ‘mutual’ girlfriend. Prior to the arrest and search warrant – I got several calls about them being followed (/spied upon – in a deliberately clumsy and intimidating fashion), from her. So I’d imagine that they made copies of calls in real time. Later I got the phonecall @KPFK on the “hotline” to MCR – while board operating. Of course I dutifully gave the information over to that self-aggrandizing bullshit artist – and fake left Quisling – Sonali Kolhatkar. Of course she only thanked-me by instructing her producers to make frivolous and specious personnel complaints about me. Since she was “Union” (SAG-AFTRA) and I was merely on the exploited staff… I was never given an opportunity to respind or challenge those… But hey – “progressive” – right?

  4. Interested to hear if Lee thinks Brent Welder’s primary was also stolen, the way the votes flipped late (and after a “computer error”) to an establishment Dem (with ads touting her MMA career but nothing on the issues) who got $600,000 last minute from Emily’s List and who will probably get curbstomped by Yoder in the general when Brent was polling 7 points ahead vs Yoder.

  5. The thing about Capitalism is that it is for takers. Those in charge exploit man, beast, and environment. They drain every drop of viability out of these three areas… and never put anything back to replace what they have taken to replenish the loss so there will be more of said same in the future. Example: They are going into our preserves and felling the forests (Dubya’s “Healthy Forest Act” which strips the forest to the floor so that it looks like the aftermath of a forest fire, sending the trees to China for processing (bark removal and sawed into lumber) so that it can be sold back to American construction corporations. It’s always about them doing the taking and our designated job is to do all the giving; just like the Democrats in Congress.

  6. Everyone who wants to engage with any USA, States and Counties elections systems needs to become very engaged with local and state community to totally reform and shake down the most corrupted elections in the world. My home Humboldt County, CA USA citizens we have about the cleanest county elections in USA… Which is not typical of the other CA counties. Humboldt County purged all electronic black box voting machines, we all vote on same paper ballots marked with BLACK ink in OVAL and imaged right after voting at polls, same for vote by mail ballots which can also be taken and turned in at polling place on voting day. We do community consensus counting of votes at our County elections offices where anyone registered can volunteer to participate. The ballots are available for tracking online with imaging documents taken as you turn in your ballot.

    It is quite insane immoral illegal how many voters around the USA still have these electronic machines that are specifically invented to STEAL VOTES AND ROT OUT ANY SEMBLANCE OF FAIR VOTING AND RIP OFF USA CITIZENS TO THE CORE! There are many other aspects of our elections that are fixed and rigged, not to speak of the crap goes down with Electoral College being the corrupt usurpers of our votes!!! Where is the USA citizens Coallition to rise up and take charge and reform and remake our lousy super corrupt elections! This isn’t just about crimes of hackable electronic black box voting machines.. It’s about all the quirks and jerks of all the various ballots styles in every state…none the same. It’s a shattered and broken chaotic mess, with NO party really got a holistic well understood and organized plan to get our hands on the essential tools to build a real democracy! which we have never had in my 50 years of voting! We need TO OCCUPY OUR ELECTIONS WITH BIG OVERVIEW OF WHAT THE PROBLEMS ARE AND EVER EXPANDING WAR BY BIG GOV AND BIG CORPORATIONS TO KILL OUR Majority voices votes! OY VAY we need BIG NEW EXPOSE of continual ongoing crimes being committed!

    Hell I can’t even access your emails or shows anymore… Senior tech challenged and cannot afford $5 a month or more for all the real truthful news I used to get in emails news… Few dozens I used to have access to all require PAY now, so way more than Pay Cable TV… Way more! Cost me god knows hundreds of $ per month!!!

    Internet…. Jeeeeze we are SOOO screwed now more than ever after all we have fought for for the past 16 years…
    It’s all gone wonky and I wish you and all my many faves were all available on a network where we can come up,with a fullcircle platform for a real deep and high REVOLUTION TO OCCUPY DEMOCRACY.

  7. All black box voting machines need to be dumped in the river and I tell the people who run them that when I pretend vote on one. We got one of them topias, it’s a Craptopia, thanks a lot rich fucks.

  8. My FB account was suspended for 24 hours due to my postings about the israeli war crimes. I’m 71 years young Lee and not good in the computer world. I can hold my own though. My question to you: It is obvious that FB is censoring the dissenters. Is there any accessible media on the horizon that will be available for we the people?

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