Common Censored #128 – Trump’s Sick Truth, Medical Inequality & NYPD Propaganda

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  1. Want to transform the #USA into a friendly country, where everyone’s life is valued and everyone enjoys a decent standard of living? That won’t happen until you do something that stops the profits of the capitalist ruling class and thus forces them to do what you want, e.g. by organising a huge campaign of civil disobedience like the one that forced the U.S. govt to end the Vietnam War. So please join us in building the #GeneralStrike, like how the people of #France saved their old age pensions in January 2020:

    Please sign & #share:

    An interview about direct action:

    This link has 8 videos on how to build the #GeneralStrike2020:

    Interactive map showing current strikes in the #USA:

    #NeverTrump #Medicare4All #Homes4All #FreeCollege #GreenNewDeal #JobsNotWar #RaiseTheMinimumWage #BlackLivesMatter #HumanRights #WorkersRights #WorkersStrike #RentStrike #NotDying4WallSt #NotDying4WallStreet #NotDyingForWallStreet #WorkersOfTheWorldUnite!!!

  2. Our ‘country’ is, or has been, just another system of royalty at the top and the actual workers at the bottom and receiving absolutely nothing for their work. Royalty, even though stupid and idiotic, get all the goods AND food AND water, and the workers get nothing. Our country is just the same as old old Egypt, old old Russia, old old France and Britain and China and Japan and lots of other countries that have ‘leaders’ that are absolutely worthless. We the People need to join together and start gardens in our yards and grow everything we need to live!! And share with neighbors and those who are ill. We the People need to come together and help each other instead of just giving more and more money to those who absolutely don’t need it and don’t DESERVE it!!!!

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