Audio Podcast #404-Chris Hedges on the Deep State & Daily Show Writer J.R. Havlan discusses Political Comedy with Lee Camp

    I’ll always remember Commie Mommie’s wise words of anarchy: “Son, if you can’t say something nice about your government, say something.”

    I sure miss my Commie Mommie, who always used to protect me from those shit-storms of capitalist propaganda.


    Now that you are reading this…

    You have been lied to. You have always been lied to. You will always be lied to, for two reasons: most people believe lies, and the truth usually sucks.

    What is the truth? Not all people tell the truth all the time. Most people tell the truth most of the time. Some people tell the truth some of the time. Some people almost never tell the truth, but they do sometimes to make foolish people believe that they are always telling the truth. People usually tell the truth about their enemies’ faults and weaknesses, while being totally unaware of their own. Politicians always mix truth with lies, which is easy for them, because they have twisted minds which easily come unraveled. Voters usually choose candidates who have the same faults and weaknesses they have.

    Democracy doesn’t work and there is nothing you can do about for all of the above reasons.

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