Audio Podcast #204 – Apathy, Supreme Court, and listener email…

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1) Supreme Court says there’s no way to challenge warrantless wiretapping – CLICK HERE.
2) 15 Year-Old discovers cheap cancer detection tool – CLICK HERE.
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4) Music – Green Day’s “Jesus of Suburbia”

  1. Lee that was an amazing podcast. Thank you for sharing Daniel’s email.
    Daniel: Thank you for letting Lee share it with us. My father did your job for a while. He had a knack for understanding the slurred speech of those with the degenerative conditions you wrote about. He used to bring a man named Leonard to hang out with our family sometimes. As a small kid, I used to wonder why dad hung out with this strange guy in a wheel chair who drooled and couldn’t talk right. I was too young to learn any lesson from that other than you should be kind to those in need and as my mom said “you’re dad has a good heart.” Now that I’m older, your email brought back those memories and a lesson my father and I still trying to learn all these years later.
    Thank you and the best of luck to you in your future.

  2. The best intro to an email ever. Thank you for the 5 Dilberts and thank you for producing another great episode.

    I loved the story about the kid who invented the cancer detection device. It is interesting that he made a point about it being affordable rather than chasing a quick buck.

  3. I am the most humorless P.C. feminist in the entire People’s Republic of Killjoy and I LOVED DANIEL’S LETTER. No problem with someone who has a very difficult, under-appreciated job telling it like it is.

  4. Great episode Lee! Daniel’s letter was incredible. Honest and without undue cliche or sentimentality. Thanks for sharing it. When I read the article on RS about Jack Andraka my response was exactly the same as yours ~ this test isn’t been “discovered” because they haven’t yet worked out how to make it SEEM worth a $100+ price tag. This is exactly what I hate about the extreme capitalism that controls the mindsets, motivations and agendas of most of this country. I’m overwhelmed at times with what could be achieved if money and greed could be eliminated from the equation. Which leads me to your point on apathy. I’m sick of being looked at as the psycho when I get passionate about the injustice in this country and around the world. I think those who AREN’T angry are the psychos!! But they think the world is just like this and there’s no point complaining ~ just get back in line and back on the ride (everyone else is and it’d be terrible to not feel included). That’s complete and utter BULLSHIT! If enough people REALLY spoke out and ACTED things could change. Yes, it would be incredibly hard. But what those with the power and wealth want us to do is stay completely distracted, engaged and under the thumb of our need to “survive” in this world, and have no time or energy (or awareness) to speak out, because they know that like a billion ants on an elephant an army of little people CAN TAKE THEM DOWN! And yes, the use of the elephant in the analogy is very convenient…

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