My full hour filmed LIVE in NYC at Bowery Electric! Get it for whatever amount you feel is appropriate. Recommended donation is only $5. Get the new hour “WE ARE NOTHING” by clicking here –  WeRNothingCrop

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  1. leecamp

    Hey Snarky, the download link is right after you donate! Donate one penny and try again. If you still can't get it, email and we will help you. Thanks!

  2. Snarky

    Hey I never got my download and I paid five bucks. I want my comedy, Lee! ;)

  3. Chuck

    I purchased and got a download but the file will not open or unzip. P.S. Your brilliant.

  4. Steve

    I donated Friday but still haven't received a download yet, I e-mailed about the issue as well.

  5. Timothy Shoo

    Oh wait, I figured it out. Just have to hit the back button in Paypal.

  6. Timothy Shoo

    I'm glad to support the MOC. I also didn't get the download link. but I did email admin. Keep doing what you're doing Lee :)

  7. MindMoversPodcast

    Worked great for me... pay through pay pal then you get redirected back to this page and right click the link that says the format you'd like to download. Will download when I'm at a place with faster download speeds. Thanks for the opportunity to pay what we'd like Lee.

  8. leecamp

    If anyone else is having an issue with the download, please drop an email to Thanks!

  9. timgoddard

    Same question I'm afraid, can't wait to watch the show

  10. Adam

    Donated last night, I haven't received anything either?

  11. leecamp

    Thanks for the support datawhore & edieangelo! Just sent you guys an email

  12. edieangelo

    Same question. No option to download. I paid (that's not my worry, I will pay again but I never got a download link. So glad to see someone else had this problem.

  13. datawhore

    nDumb question.. I bought through paypal , now what? Will I get link to download new special?

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