Four Star Review of My Edinburgh Fringe Fest Show

Posted by Bernard O’Leary, The Skinny, Sun 07 Aug 2011 (CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE) He’s American, he’s political, he’s inevitably going to be compared to Bill Hicks. Actually, Lee Camp is more like Richard Herring with a dash of Jon Stewart, relying on fast-paced, tightly-written invective to ram his point into the audience’s…

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First Review From the Edinburgh Fringe Fest

Fest Magazine reviewed my show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It is a short review that can be found HERE. The best part is “He mightn’t be to everyone’s taste, but for sheer bravery, brio and a passion for tackling proper world issues head-on, few can match him.”

“I Have The Cure For Cancer” – MOC #66

The latest episode of The MOC Podcast (#65)

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“This Video Is For Rich People Only” – MOC #65