We Can’t Control The Monsters We Create

This Moment of Clarity comes to you from Edinburgh, Scotland on my European tour. Great shows here at the Stand Comedy Club and next on to the Glasgow Comedy Festival. Then it’s on to London. Anyway, this M.o.C. tries to draw a connection between the Libya situation and the Japan nuclear disaster. Am I grasping…

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The Endangered Species No One Is Talking About – a new MoC

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Now that I’ve achieved my life goal of inspiring a rap song…

I know this might not mean much for a lot of people, but if I weren’t white, Jewish, tone deaf, and all around anti-musical, I would be a rapper. So being the inspiration for a rap song if fucking incredible for me. I think my career has peaked. Anyway, you have to watch this. And…

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Interview in Rooftop Comedy

So I was interviewed in Rooftop Comedy – a really great comedy site. Pretty cool interview! Check it out here – http://blog.rooftopcomedy.com/

Evil People Have Plans!