MOC #299 – A New Low In The War Against The Poor

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    I feel bad for u Skye, I too was homeless once and yes where the hell r u going to move to when cops keep telling u to move, co nstantly asking u up, as if being home less wasn't bad enough

  2. Skye

    I put a 4" vinyl covered foam pad in the back of my pick-up trip w/canopy. Added a propane bottle w/stove. Gathered up some 2.5 gallon water jugs and set off. Lived in the back of my truck more over 5 years. Traveled through the US of 'A' and Central America all the way to the Darian Gap where for some reason the road ended. Whose responsible for clearing the jungle anyway? My worst fear and most annoying bits were when some 'cop' or 'ranger' or whoever those guys are knocked on handy dandy back window and told me I had to move! wtf? move where?

  3. miki

    you speak the truth.


    Well Done again Mr. Camp! Does anyone know where the wave of Action website went???? Its been down for two days for me....

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