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Comments ( 178 )

  1. Darksequencer

    Please dump this "just selling my books" populist Proffessor Wolff. Could see it in your reactions that his story was way too utopia and one track minded OR JUST F...ING STUPID. """" Just watched a close to falling assleep Lee Camp as bedtime story became strange. Did You actually tell people that company cost saving is only done for profit for the owners? And that you don’t have to fire workers if new machinery doubles production you just let them work half time for same money? Democratic managed by the workers? Tell you something, this is called demagogy – the atomic bomb of butter knive right wing populism. 1.) what about cost saving because the competitor sells for half price and you as the owner of the company doesn’t want to loose all jobs. Fire a few to save the most – not everybody has a monopole on something needed by everybody. 2.) Who in a democratic worker managed company decides which new machines will be brought in order to double the income (or let them work half day for full pay) of a few workers. How fair would it be for work places that can’t be upgraded. How to compensate the new 2 shifts communication that additionally arises…etc. If one day everybody that wanna make me think that it is possible to fix complex problems with easy solutions dies instantly, would change the world in the most positiv imaginable matter.

  2. DarK

    Vouloir brule. Pouvoir détruit. "Desire burns. Power destroys... [And/or corrupts]" French 19th century author Honoré de Balzac is still relevant.

  3. Lynette McClain

    Hi Lee, Please cover this issue. It is frightening! It is important! It comes from an article about Robert Mercer that appeared in The Gaurdian today. Thank you, Lynette McClain Longmont, Colorado

  4. Mike Shih

    Check out the documentary "Call Me Lucky" about comedian Barry Crimmons by director Bobcat Goldwaithe. Have you seen this or worked with either of these guys? Keep up the great work.

  5. DarK

    The ship has hit several icebergs. Waterways are filling up the decks. Many folks are stuck in the bottom ...Some have jumped into lifeboats. Others struggle or are lifeless in freezing water. All that's left for the cool guys is to have fun & enjoy the the Vodka & Cognac, while listening to some Chopin set piece in the Lounge. A toast to Stoic elegance. Let's leave the violence, fear, and cynicism to others... Why fight it? This will end up in some deep state anyways.

  6. leecamp

    Done and done. He'll be on this week's episode.

  7. Trista

    Lee is there any way that you can get Sam Ronan on your show Redacted Tonight VIP before the Democrats have to vote on the DNC chair before the end of February? Thanks!

  8. Darksequencer

    Dear Mr Camp, ( sorry but I have to build in some prejudice joke) I am a foreign watcher of your show as I am living in "as stupid as wanted" fuc.... hell of Germany. ( now joke is clear) And no I am not watching US political comedy (if still possible) because we idiots in Europe didn't have enough "limited impossibilities" bullshit on our own - I am just bored to death with the european way of undemocratising and holding defibrilator to blank bones. ( ever thought about expanding to Europe? ) US is quite different - at your side of the pool, Politicians kinda put everything given into a big mixer and think to extract something better. In EU the (new) Politicians just take what is given to them and then just ram it 20% deeper in the poor working class. Never go of Germanys unwritten laws. You create a law and realize that it was a mistake, then you create 10 other laws to prevent the mistake law to take effect. Activism: As always diluted by nominal members with no plan, always wrong comments, misunderstood as community of no personal hygiene and on top showing their shared house that shows how filthy their future society would look like as they coundn't even clean the toilet. Yes the statements of the few activist knowing what they were doing are good and should be followed, but not with that kind of fink cross marketing. People are afraid running out of toilet paper forever. Democracy: that this one needs a lot of makeovers is clear since the start of the Euro currency. But it is not good when someone can vote for or against something she or he isn't affected in any way. If we would start a vote for or against abortion - do you think men should vote? What about 90 year old impotent men with no relatives? - just one more thing....quite important in understanding democracy: They made a subjective test of sports apparel from a known brand. The first group of 10 testers got their clothes from a no name manufacturer the other group from the brand. And the next day the other way round. Everybody of these 20 testers confirmed that the brand apparel was best and way beyond the no name stuff...not sticking shirts, better performance...the whole bullshit told to them in the commercials. After all of them literally digged their personal graves near planet core deep, they were told the truth, that they were always wearing the brand apparel and that they only removed the logos. Tells me if 51% of my German people are stupid, democracy goes wrong - good for me that 95% here are fucking Ever watched German news...50% of the time is about soccer and 40% that fireman helped a little cat off the tree. 10% Angela shaking hands with someone. The planet: Why is everybody talking about saving the planet when they only want to save the human race - Earth came along a very long time without us...we are not the planet. And by the way and clearly as a strung out German by a phonebook thick pack of laws that should save the planet and kill my financial situation for my whole live ( working over 250days a year ony for the tax). If you don't spend money in solar panels on your roof, because you can't afford it...have to feed kids or care for old parents, then you have to pay a fine and an extra tax and a higher rate on electricity. Feel free to shit on the environmental camouflage to get more cash out of the tax payers. When I kick you in the balls you feel high level pain and therefore not good but it gets better by the time and you feel quite good when pain reliefs. Now I kick you in the balls every 5 every 5 minutes you have one very bad minute and 4 minutes when you feel well. This is Germany 4/5 is good. Take care....and laugh on my jokes right! best regards Tobias

  9. DarK

    Check out movie "The Act of Killing" by Joshua Oppenheimer. It masterfully documents the Indonasian Holocaust in the 1960, which was orchestrated by Economic Hit Men... John Perkins was one of them.

  10. Wry Grin

    There is a vitally important issue which must be addressed to stop the subjugation of Americans by those who despise and exploit them. Blackbox electronic "voting" is the digital death of democratic representation in government. The Russians and/or who knows who all else just took advantage of an easy opportunity, much as car thieves who can't resist stealing luxury vehicles left unlocked with keys in their ignitions. Things which should be known beyond all doubt: How many eligible electors were removed from the electronic database rolls? Who were they, and who removed them? For the massive majorities of electors forced to use paperless DREs, ballot opscans, polling precinct communications computers, and central tabulators built by foreigners and owned/operated by private corporations, exactly what hardware, firmware, and software - including backdoors - were involved? Exactly what chain of custody existed, if any, for all devices and removable media used on those devices? What security measures were implemented, if any, to the modem transmissions of data sent from polling precincts to county elections officials? If these things can not be known beyond all doubt, the results of any "election" are invalid. At least paper ballots counted by hand can be observed throughout the process. Any American who appreciates the ideals on which the USA was originally based would fight to the death for representation in government, as this nation's founders were willing to do. If this "election" were legit there would be nothing to fear for the status quo, but if not it would signal a clear call for the restoration/implementation of genuine democratic processes in this republic. Questioning the blackbox is totally appropriate. The rigged "voting" systems don't allow for valid recounts or audits. Too many vital states use completely inappropriate electronic "voting" systems. Florida uses paperless and other suspect equipment in its major population areas. Michigan uses paper ballots but they are "counted" with opscans shown to be subject to tampering. Wisconsin is worse, with some paperless systems even more easily manipulated with no hope of recounts. Pennsylvania is by far one of the worst examples of a state forced into use of a totally paperless DRE-based system allowing for no valid counts or recounts. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as numerous other states, replaced real voting by the use of antiquated Asian mystery hardware/firmware/software accessible by myriad entities including but not limited to felons, rabid partisans, traitors, and foreigners such as Chinese and Russian hackers. There are touchscreens subject to various types of tampering including backdoors and simply applying viscous substances to the screens. Pedro Cortés illegally stopped PA citizens from demanding that the "voting" systems be examined by experts because he knows they're defective and easy to rig. People in most states have to wait in long lines to try to use such unreliable machines when using paper would be much faster and more convenient. You can't expect valid elections when you outsource them rather than making sure they'd involve ballots and counts made in the USA. In strategic population centers of over 40 states, actual counts of real ballots have been replaced by the use of foreign-built devices owned by unaccountable corporations. These electronic systems are proprietary and of undisclosed design, build, programming, and operation. They are vulnerable to easily-concealed manipulations and known to lose, switch, and fake votes. Even mailed, absentee, and other handwritten ballots are manually fed into hackable opscans, and the central tabulators are particularly problematic. They were unsecured and obsolete when new and that was over a decade ago now. Thus democracy dies via digital disenfranchisement. Some wonder why more tech savvy young people don't turn out to vote. Those young people wonder why they try to call it that. A very partial list of computer experts who have pointed out the problems includes, but is not remotely limited to: Aviel Rubin, PhD, Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University Edward Felten, PhD, Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer for The White House, formerly Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University Michael Fischer, PhD, Professor of Computer Science at Yale University David Dill, PhD, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University Rebecca Mercuri, PhD, Computer Security Forensics Consultant, former Fellow, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University Douglas Jones, PhD, Professor of Computer Science, University of Iowa Herbert Thompson, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University See also: Watch this video for an excellent summary:

  11. Mark Snider

    Hello LEE, This cover letter explains the next few pages. I have written “The Declaration of Independence 2017”. It is modeled after the original but has been updated and has in it additional demands. As you know our government is corrupt and acts against the citizens of this nation. It acts without regard to the Constitution as well as the principles in the Declaration of Independence. Our government has legalized corruption and bribery. It has fought against our freedom to assemble and our right to protest illegal and unconstitutional activity. Our government is trading human lives and human health for corporate profits and political bribery. Our country is rated the highest in arms export and at the same time is rated extremely low on the Global Peace Index. We are told “we fight for freedom” yet we jail more people than China or Russia combined. Does it stand to reason that the nation with the largest economy does not have the best education system, the best healthcare, the best infrastructure or the best livability? We rate very low in freedom of the press due to government and corporate censorship and propaganda. Our wealth as a nation is not spent to benefit the citizens, instead, it is held in tax-exempt overseas banks which are owned by the top one percent and large corporations. As you read this realize a government for and by the people has disappeared. Our forefathers have died in vain. We have lost the “blessings of liberty”. The vast majority of our political representatives have broken their oath to support “liberty and justice for all”. Our government is now run by bigots, thieves, torturers, fascists, pedophiles and liars who are corrupt corporate puppets. Our government unjustly destroys our constitutional rights and our democratic process and it must be resisted by non-cooperation. This is a call for a strike against tyranny and oppression. And we demand our privacy back as per the fourth amendment. By agreeing with or signing this document we commit to fight for our human honor, our reputation as a nation and our personal freedom. We demand affordable healthcare, truthful non-bias news, honest statesmen who represent the people and prison reform. We want to protect and reward whistleblowers who uncover government corruption and lies. We demand constitutional reform stating that money is not equal to free speech and that declares corporations are not people. We demand tax reform so it is proportional to income and wealth and a balanced budget. We demand that we scale down our black ops and military sites and instead spend money on infrastructure and education system. We demand that unnecessary wars, torture and police brutality end. We demand a living wage and affordable health insurance the same as our politicians get. We demand our right to “alter or abolish” our government which is destroying the middle class while the welfare for the rich is required by law and demonstrated by an unreasonable income gap. We, as the citizens of the nation want our country back and we want to make it great again where honesty, justice and freedom reign. We now go on strike, we stop paying taxes to a despotic government, we block commerce and we occupy Washington DC with people rather than corporate money. The struggle for freedom begins anew. THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 2017 An action of the people by popular consent and decree When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature entitles them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, in order to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed and whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its power most likely to cause or affect their safety and happiness. Prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes and accordingly, all experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer, than to right them by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. However, when a long train of abuses, usurpations, and absolute despotism rules the nation, it is the people’s right and it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of the people of the United States. We throw off bondage to an illegal and unconstitutional government. To prove the need for a new government which is constituted for and by the people, let the facts be submitted to a candid world. The Federal Government of the United States has created laws which are unconstitutional and detrimental to its citizens. It has abridged our freedom of speech and has compromised the truth and honesty in the press, and has prohibited the right of the people to peacefully assemble. It has obstructed and impedes the rights of citizens to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The Federal Government of the United States has refused the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. It issues global warrants without probable cause. It has invaded every home, every personal phone call, email and text. Our personal privacy and security has been eliminated without cause or due process of law. The Federal Government of the United States has imposed cruel and unusual punishment which it inflicts upon citizens and foreigner alike. It endorses torture in black ops sites and overseas prisons. It imposes the death penalty on people who have been accused of crimes who were later found innocent. The Federal Government has created rules and conditions to prevent fair and honest elections. The political system provides only corporate friendly candidates who take legalized bribes. It has silently sent CIA or economic hit men to corrupt or kill heads of state in other countries. The Federal Government has mismanaged our nation’s wealth so poorly that the General Accounting Office has little idea where or how our tax money is spent. Government initiated waste and graft is rampant and has enriched the Military Industrial Complex, the insurance and health industries with highly inflated contracts which in turn they give large kickbacks to corrupt politicians. The Federal Government has imposed the world’s largest national debt on its citizens without their consent all the while giving congressional leaders pay increases, generous retirement benefits, armed security and free healthcare, all of which they deny to the citizens they represent and serve. The Federal Government has militarized local police departments and encouraged the police to use force on those who protest the government’s illegal and unconstitutional actions. The Federal Government of the United States has tortured, killed or imprisoned thousands of people, both domestic and foreign. American citizens are objects of government atrocities including: The Tuskegee Experiments, The Missouri Mormon Extermination, slavery, the MKULTRA Program, Operation Keelhaul, the treatment of Native Americans, radiation experiments which killed unsuspecting innocent citizens, the 1940 Chicago prisoner infection, Project Paperclip, Agent Orange exposures, Project Thirdchance, Project MKNOMI, the Dachau massacre, the Biscari massacre, the Battle of Okinawa rapes, the slaughter of 200,000 in Guatemala, the Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation, illegal gag orders on chem-trails, the cover-up of pedophile rings, collaboration with illegal drug organizations, forcing fiat money upon its citizens, Operation Midnight Climax, the prosecution of Edward Snowden and dozens of honest patriotic whistleblowers. The Federal Government has a well-documented history of insider trading with Wall Street, revolving doors and quid pro quo relationships with large corporations. It has given power and wealth to the large corporations and the wealthy while ignoring and diminishing the income, rights and power of the common man through low wages, unjust laws, high taxes, inflation and neglect of the Constitution, their sworn oath, and the upholding of the principles in the first Declaration of Independence. In every stage of these oppressions the citizens have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: our repeated petitions have been answered by repeated injury and oppression. A government whose character is thus marked by every act which defines a tyrant is unfit to be a ruler of a free people. The first rule of order for a new government which represents the people is the following Constitutional amendment proposed by MoveToAmend: “Section 1. ( Artificial Entities such as Corporations do not have Constitutional rights) The rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of natural persons only. Artificial entities established by the laws of any states, the United States or any foreign state shall have no rights under this Constitution and are subject to regulation by the people, through Federal, State and local law. Section 2. (Money is not free speech) Federal, State, and local governments shall regulate, limit, or prohibit contributions and expenditures, including a candidates own contributions and expenditures, to ensure that all citizens, regardless of their economic status, have access to the political process, and that no person gains, as a result of their money, substantially more access or ability to influence in any way the election of any candidate for public office or any ballot measure. Federal, State and local governments shall require that any permissible contributions and expenditures be publically disclosed including the amount given or donated and the source from which it came. The Judiciary shall not construe the spending of money to influence elections to be speech under the First Amendment.” In order to make an orderly change and transfer of power to the people, we, the people of this once great nation refuse to pay taxes to an unconstitutional and illegal government which does not represent the welfare of its own citizens. Furthermore, as a union of free and sovereign patriots, we claim the right to strike, protest and seek justice and freedom. Until our government is determined to be a government for the people and by the people, we as patriotic citizens will not comply with unreasonable or unconstitutional terms, conditions, laws or orders proclaimed by the current illegal and unconstitutional government. Those in power now, our political brethren, we ask for your support by disavowing the past corrupt government and renouncing the illegal and immoral form of government of the past. Do not continue to be deaf to the voice of justice, consanguinity and the love of God. We reject the existing political parties and labels such as conservative and liberal. We are not black or white, religious or not. We are no longer a divided nation, but one nation under God. We therefore, the people of the United States, appeal to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the name and by the authority of the good people of this nation, solemnly publish and declare our freedom of all legal, economic and political bonds or obligations between the existing Federal Government. The States will now organize itself to create a new country free of corporate influence and political tyranny and reestablish a country based on a reformed Constitution and the principles in the Declaration of Independence. We the people have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce and all endeavors that any free people should be able to do. We pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor in order to create a new, free society and a better world for our posterity and the nations of the world.

  12. leecamp

    I covered it here -

  13. Lothar

    Hi Lee, did anyone compare the countries now banned by Donald Trump to the list of countries (7 countries in 5 years) Gen. Wesley Clark mentioned in his interview with democracy now? Looks like some coincidence to me.

  14. SSS

    Love the show Lee. I'm here to ask you if you've considered covering the topic of MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) on your show? I'm a fan of Steve Grumbine's 'Real Progressives' where he talks about how our taxes do not fund Federal spending, the Federal Reserve IS an essential part of our govt, Deficit spending is good, but a balanced budget is bad, etc. MMT could be the one thing that could unite the Left and the Right, seriously. Why? Imagine the reaction of your viewers if they heard, especially from a qualified economist such as, Stephanie Kelton, Warren Mosler, Ellis Winningham, or Steve Grumbine, that all of the programs that Bernie promoted, (33 Trill) could be paid for tomorrow, and not by taxpayers. This is the big ugly secret that the govt doesn't want us to know, and yet is a verifiable fact. I do hope you'll consider the idea. Thanks. Steve S Smith.

  15. leecamp

    Thanks Andrea, but the two shows have not sold out. So there's no real reason for a second night.

  16. Andrea Dawson

    DUDE PLEEEEEAAAASE book a second night in Austin TX!!!

  17. Jas

    The evil fucks behind the republican, Nazi curtain. Expose them, Lee! They gave us Scalia, alit to, Roberts, Tax cuts for the rich…They hate our Constitution and democracy...Everything WRONG with our country

  18. al

    Hi Lee, You said in a recent RT show that we need a (cerebral) revolution. One of those has existed for two and a half millennia, but has been kept under wraps. Socrates discovered that any human 'understanding' can be shown to be erroneous, by posing its possessor a few simple bespoke queries. Which will quickly cause them to contradict their own narrative. Because all such constructs are devised by humans, and all humans are fallible. Try this thought experiment: Take up virtual pen and paper, then reverse engineer the means by which unadulterated reality finds its way into the human brain. If you determine than it never can, nor ever has, you will have experienced a revelation. Consider this: When we dream we are prepared to accept without question a 'reality' existing inside an hermetically sealed enclosure. When awake we are presented with another experience, which can be used as a comparator against that previous 'consciousness'. But we are never able to make direct connection with actual reality. To achieve that all-knowing state, which would provide us with the means to evaluate the authenticity of the waking state. Keep questioning. Best regards, al.

  19. Roland

    Great opening monologues , used to listen to AM1090 until the fascists turned it into sports talk in Seattle. Here is an idea for a film short, a short history of this election with the soundtrack from Night At The Opera by Queen with updated lyrics. This election has been like a dog taking a crap in the front lawn. Too much finger pointing by DNC, have they tried looking in the mirror. Can we trades DWS for Lindsay Graham? Sarah Palin for Russian ambassador, will Putin send her back pregnant? I think the Ship of Fools has arrived. Just thinking of the Wiemar republic brings a tear to my eye. Now the only thing left to do is burn the Riechstag down, where's Liddy with the matches?

  20. leecamp

    Thanks. And yes, you can sign up to the newsletter in the sidebar to the right. Right here on the website.

  21. Tracy Harlow-Cummigns

    I hope you are at least finding some decent weed while you are out there travelling the country and working your ass off! much thanks..... for all you are doing to affect change in this world. If you ever need a personal assistant who rolls a wicked joint, let me know. lol. ~THC;) PS....I couldn't sign up for your newsletter because it doesn't seem to an activated cell. Anywhere else I could get added to your mailing list? I don't do FB anymore. :)

  22. BP Jan

    Lee, Did you know about this?

  23. BP Jan

    5 Pine Point Road

  24. Jake

    Hey Lee, Thank you so much for what you do. I was raised in a Christian Republican household and, believing all the lies the corporate state fed us, joined the army right out of high school and did three combat deployments to Afghanistan. In my last year or so in the service, I went through a massive Awakening and your Moment of Clarity videos contributed to that awakening. I started watching them on Youtube in early 2013 and have never missed a single episode of Redacted Tonight since you switched over. You've inspired me to take up the fight with you of spreading truth, and humor, lest we all lose our sanity. I've set up a website with one blog post so far and two chapters of a book idea I've had in my head forever meshing my military experience with the adventures of a friend of mine who dove balls deep into the Occupy Movement in San Francisco. Check it out when you have a minute. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback or tips you have for me on my content or how to get started, especially tips in web-design (my website is a skeleton right now) or operating a Facebook Page (Why the hell do they have to be so damn complicated! Take a tip from Twitter, right!? The difference between the two is like that between Apple and Windows 8 - I don't want all customizable, resizable, funky-fresh doo-dads that never work!) . . . Anyway, check me out sometime. Let me know if I'm any good or if I ought to just quit now and stick to manual labor. Jacob Altinger P.S. If I'm any good, consider this blog my audition. I'll be ready to move out to D.C. in a heartbeat if you have an opening for a writer.

  25. leecamp

    Thank you, Mike!

  26. Mike

    Hey Lee, I saw your show last night in Seattle, I just wanted to say thank you and Jon for having the show it was fantastic. I really appreciate you guys speaking up about the big problems that plague America. RT and Redacted Tonight is the only news show I watch on television because you cover actual news and share facts and knowledge. I'll do my part to help get the word out to tune in. Keep up the good work and I hope you come back to Seattle very soon!

  27. Whitney

    Hey, so I have been watching your show on redacted tonight and y'all seem very interested in climate change. I'm very interested in this subject as well and in asking that you cover the impact that animal agriculture has on climate change. Please watch cowspiracy to see what I mean. Thank you

  28. Bev

    Hi Lee, Another important video from Bev Harris, which includes following info: Fraction Magic - Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration Bev Harris Q: Does Fraction Magic always use a USB? A: No. It can also be on the computer or use remote access Q: Who put it there? A: According to programmers and court testimony: a convicted felon; 23 counts on previous computer crimes. Q: Name? A: Jeffrey W. Dean. Previously employed by Bud Krogh, the former head of White House Plumbers unit under Richard Nixon. Jeffrey Dean put some other stuff in there too. It is not over.: Stand up. Let’s make it right. Ballot Images – A new way to verify that results are true By Bev Harris November 2, 2016 ACTIONS, OBSERVATION The Solution to Vote Fractionalizing Although votes can be fractionalized while adding them up, the ballot images( pictures taken of the ballots) can not be reduced to fractions. The solution is to issue temporary restraining orders in swing state counties so that the ballot images can be preserved. The act of issuing TRO’s will also be a deterrent in itself to fractionalizing votes in an effort to steal the election. This process could apply to all elections, presidential, state and county elections as well as bond issues and propositions. If you are interested in getting involved in making this happen, if you are a lawyer and if you know a lawyer or lawyers who might also be interested in preserving ballot images using TRO’s, please contact us at as soon as possible, as we will need to issue these TRO’s for the most part BEFORE the election. And, as you might expect, organizing this effort will require money. So please DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN to support to fight election fraud in our country. THANK YOU SO MUCH on behalf of TrustVote and our challenged democracy! Part 1 – A Detailed Presentation on Fraction Magic and the Solution to it In Part Two, which follows in the next email, I will also be going into which companies appear to be using it and how they are hiding from the American public. In terms of understanding Fraction Magic more fully, it is the YouTube in Part I on (see paragraph #5 below) that helped me understand Fraction Magic the most. Paragraph #4 below gives you the contact details for John Brakey who will give people anywhere in the country guidance on filing ballot image requests in the counties that have them. As mentioned in my earlier update, the only protection against vote fractionalizing is saving ballot images. This is done by making freedom of information requests. If the election official resists, then a TRO to save the ballot images can be presented in court. Guidelines for creating an effective TRO are presented towards the bottom in my last update. There are only ballot images on 40% of scanners in the U.S. There are some ballot images on some DRE’s. Nonetheless, having ballot images for 40% of voters is better than nothing. If the ballot images are saved, the next step is hand counting them which is very easy to accomplish with volunteers in close elections. If you, the reader, feel confused about how to make ballot image requests or how to organize TRO’s, please consult with John Roberts Brakey of Audit Az, who is offering his cell phone number (520) 339-2696 and email at this time to help you. You can email attorney Robert Fitrakis for assistance in filing ballot image requests at or call him at 614 374 2380. Please put the nature of your request in the title of the email to him.

  29. leecamp

    Thanks so much, Michael!!

  30. Stephen

    Lee, Just a heads-up about something that might be useful, even after the election if Hillary wins. I may be wrong, but I have a master's in counseling, and I have seen examples of this before--I'm pretty sure Hillary Clinton has an unconscious mannerism of *nodding* every time she tells a lie. When I saw this years ago, I was freelancing videotaping legal depositions, and as I watched this lady (who was part of a family of scammers) being deposed, I noticed that whenever she told a whopper, one of her eyelids would drop all the way down in a big wink. She had no idea she was doing it.

  31. Mishasch19

    Dear Lee, First off, let me say that your show “Redacted Tonight” has made me believe in a better world again (mildly believe but still so). I was officially sold when I saw your bit on “crazy ass shit that is now considered normal” but when you brought up topics including the TPP, Operation Northwoods, and Edward Bernays, let’s just saw I fell in love (sure you get that all the time). You truly are the daily show, if the daily show didn’t have to cater to corporate interests. There is one main reason for me writing to you (besides to tell you how awesome you are). I believe I have a topic for one of your next episodes: Industrial Hemp. I’m not sure how much you know about Industrial Hemp (I assume a lot) but hemp has a lot of applications including in construction materials, biodegradable plastics, paper, clothing, cars, batteries, and fuel. Even though Industrial Hemp could have been a god send to the world, it unfortunately was made illegal under the marijuana tax act of 1937. Many hemp historians agree that the main reason for Hemp becoming illegal (and thus marijuana) was due to hemp’s potential to put the Hearst Paper Co out of business, along with, being an alternative to the petroleum based plastics created by DuPont at the time. Industrial Hemp in the 21st century has the potential to produce ridiculously cheap houses that are of better quality than traditional houses, and don’t require the harsh chemicals used in traditional homes. Hemp based plastics can be a solution to our massive plastic problem and if hemp had been used as paper instead of tress (and hemp can produce 4x the amount of paper as trees in the same space, and only takes 2-5 months to grow) deforestation may not have become a serious issue (ignoring the effects of animal agriculture). And as I mentioned above, you can convert hempseeds (a byproduct of hemp cultivation) into BIODEISEL FUEL, and at an conversion efficiency of 97% it could have been a solution to our energy dependence. So there ya have it, I think your viewers and cast members would love to hear about this topic as it is ingrained in virtually every topic you discuss (environmentalism, corporate control of government, progressive economics, healthy/sustainable living, etc.). If this topic is of interest let me know ( and I would be glad to send you a senior paper (college) that I produced on this topic which includes the applications I mentioned along with ones that I didn’t (food, clothing, batteries, cars, etc.). Also just for your own interest I suggest you google the word “Zeoform” it is a eco-plastic start-up that has a process that makes plastic with cellulose and water…that’s it (seriously nothing else, no chemicals, binders, glues, etc). I hope to hear from you soon Lee and once again thank you for the work you’ve done with this show, honestly. I work in the finance department of a law firm that has clients that let’s just say I’m not a fan of (hey first job out of college, you take what you can get right); I literally watch your show every day (re-watched each episode at least 4-5 times each) and it is one of the only things that keeps me sane and for that (again) I thank you. Hope you are doing well and please keep up the great work, hopefully I can see your stand up next time you’re in NYC (I was away the Sunday you were at Chelsea’s). Sincerely, Michael “Misha” Schmidt P.S. please tell John F O’Donnell that he is a genius and I cheer each time he comes on

  32. Bev

    Thanks Lee. I see you have quoted Bev Harris. Here is a positive action based on her work to try to make our elections more fraud-proof that can be done now: The Solution to Vote Fractionalizing A few days ago, we told you about the problem of fractionalizing votes. I mentioned that we would be sending you a letter with a really good solution that has worked once before and could work again. Although votes can be fractionalized while adding them up, the ballot images (pictures taken of the ballots) can not be reduced to fractions. The solution is to issue temporary restraining orders in swing state counties so that the ballot images can be preserved. The act of issuing TRO’s will also be a deterrent in itself to fractionalizing votes in an effort to steal the election. This process could apply to all elections, presidential, state and county elections as well as bond issues and propositions. If you are interested in getting involved in making this happen, if you are a lawyer and if you know a lawyer or lawyers who might also be interested in preserving ballot images using TRO’s, please contact us at as soon as possible, as we will need to issue these TRO’s for the most part BEFORE the election. And, as you might expect, organizing this effort will require money. So please DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN to support to fight election fraud in our country. THANK YOU SO MUCH on behalf of TrustVote and our challenged democracy!
 ......... WHAT CAN VOTERS DO TO RECTIFY THESE PROBLEMS: Election activist John Brakey and attorney William Risner assert that destroying ballot images is against Federal law: Federal law 52 U.S.C § 20701 requiring retention of federal election materials, provides a penalty of up to $1,000 fine and one year in jail for premature destruction of that material (was formerly 42 U.S.C § 1974). For the November elections, Brakey and Risner recommend the following strategy: 
• File a public record request (ASAP) asking for ballot images for the last and the next election. The request should include other critical documents like the Cast Vote Record (CVR). We can provide a draft of what to request. 
• If ballot images are or have been destroyed then file a special action Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), which is usually easy to request.
 • If they refuse your public records request for “ballot images,” then file another special action in the form of a Mandamus Act. When you win they have to pay all expenses and legal fees. .......... Bev Harris has been studying how votes are fractionalized. She call it “Fraction Magic” When adding up votes, the tabulator can fractionalize the votes if it is programmed that way. She has been working with John Brakey on how to PRESERVE BALLOT IMAGES. Bev Harris has happily discovered that images of the ballots CANNOT BE FRACTIONALIZED. That is why they must be preserved. Please read more by clicking on the following link:

  33. Travis Steffen

    You should VIP this guy. It would probably be interesting.

  34. Stephen

    Another idea--a take-off on the old Certs commercial (I'm dating myself, I know). It's the debates, and both Trump and Clinton are pointing at each other, saying, "You're a sociopath!" The moderate, like the announcer in the commercial, says, "Stop! You're both right!"

  35. Stephen

    Idea for a graphic or political cartoon--please pass on to anyone interested in executing it (beyond my skills). Weather broadcast, hurricane tracking, two Category 5 hurricanes bearing down on the Capitol, "Trump" and "Hillary." Weather announcer, tagged as a "journalist," is being dragged off in chains.

  36. jean

    never miss your show on RT - 76 year old granny here - thanks so much for your insightful commentary - keep it up and I will keep fighting!

  37. Cecilia

    Hi Lee! I'm a fan from Argentina. I love your show and podcast. It's always refreshing to know of critical americans and political comedians that seem to actually know and research issues. Your view point is very similar to mine. We're all underneath the globalization cloud, and suffering from many similar issues. I like seeing your show because I can see that although the US is a first world country, we're not too bad off here in Argentina. As opposed to what I see when I see other north american tv shows, entertainment and news, your shows give a picture of the US that is more real. Buenos Aires is cool, you should come. Although I don't know how many people know you here. I think your work is important now that corporatism is fighting for it's control, aided by right wing governments. Here in Latin America we are being surrounded by right wing governments and puppet presidents. But thanks to being Latin American, still, and very broad eyed, we are resisting. It's hard, because we have to hold on to our principals and memory. What you described as targeted killings from the government in the fight for terrorism sounds all too familiar to the "war on terrorism" done by the militaries here in Argentina in the 70s. Yes, we had 30.000 civilians killed by that war. We remember them every 24th of march and Obama very ironically came to visit this year at that date. But we're not stupid and our human rights organizations are strong, although they are politicized and I think should also be criticized. Anyways, good work!!!

  38. leecamp

    I'm not 76. The show does air at least once more every week on Mondays at 5:30pm. I don't know about different cable packets, etc. But you can also always watch it at Thanks Harry!

  39. hsnydick

    Two things: 1. Your Facebook 'about' section lists your birthdate as Born on July 21, 1940. There's no way in hell hat you are 76 years old. I should know, I'm 72. So, is this a typo, or an intentional bit of humor? 2. I don't have cable, but did see you once on RT, channel 35-4 in Philadelphia. The television page from the paper lists only 35-1 programming. Will you please write back and tell me when your program airs on channel 35-4? And is it more than once per week? Thanks. Harry S Nydick No website

  40. d

    Encountered your video via diaspora social network. Please join and leave these corporate surveillance networks.

  41. Bill

    So where do I get my high quality, Redacted Tonight, t-shirt? (Need a 3X, I'm workin' on that) Lee, I'm 67 and a devoted fan, In the best of all worlds we wouldn't need you, but THANK YOU for picking up the flag! It would be nice if once every few totally important news shows you could make the same video without the "colorful metaphors". I can't show my female friends and family (read my wife) any of your stuff, I'd have to hide. I did my best hitting all the Reno Bernie rallies, phone banking, and working on the Demo website. After the Las Vegas caucuses I was rebuffed by the local Democratic chairman as "not having done enough". I was a Republican through Bush 1. I abandoned the rebuplican party as hopeless after shrub's first term. Like Hillary, I was a Goldwater supporter in my youth. I will vote straight Demo ticket this year except for president. That will be Jill Stein. I will change my affiliation after the election to green and start working there. I'm in Red central. I may have to start something on my own! Keep fighting!

  42. MamaG

    Hello Lee, So, I want to say it was about a month and half ago or maybe two, where I was watching CNN ( I know, I know...I mostly watch just see them fuck it up hard everyday and wonder how these people sleep at night) but regardless, an interesting thing happened. So CNN was reporting on something to do with Obama and were using live shots of the Whitehouse, when all of a sudden an Arab man was rushed from outside to meet with President Obama. At that moment, all the entertainers (reporters?) Were surprised, mentioned how there was no mention of this as an official meeting or they would have reported on it. I too thought it was odd. So for the next few days I kept tuning in and scouring the net with anything to do with this meeting, but couldn't find anything. Again, weird. What's the big secret? Wait, I was right around the time that there was all the pressure to release the 9/11 28 pages of redaction. Anyway, maybe it's nothing...but I just found it odd. I'm also noticing that the US is supplying weapons and who knows what else, to Saudi Arabia, whom are waging a terrible war in Yemen. I feel like the US and Saudi have been up to nefarious actions....weapons, the 9/11 report and how it was barely a top news story, Clinton foundation, Yemen....I don't know what it all means, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable

  43. birchy

    (Sent via email, but here's another attempt) I would like to propose an activity that could reinvigorate the Bernie supporters and take control of the DNC in 3 months. 1) If we could marshal half of the time and energy of the Bernie supporters that phone banked and canvassed for Bernie throughout 50 states, and concentrate that on the 9-12 battleground Senate races (not to reward the DNC, but to empower Bernie), we could quite possibly win *every single* race. The DNC and the GOP will be throwing everything they can at those races, and it's likely that the DNC can win at least the 4 seats needed to take back the Senate if the VP is a liberal. Our third party efforts could tip the balance in the remaining contests (plus Tim Canova's race). 2) *If* we did that, it would show the DNC that we have all the power, that we can affect elections, that we could "primary" NeoLiberals in 2018. This would give Bernie much more power in whatever role he gets next year, possibly even ?Majority Leader? Clinton would *have* to keep most of her promises, and the media would be buzzing about how the Progressives are taking over. 3) Selling this idea is hard. Bernie's supporters are having trouble seeing the big picture and are still in mourning. And this kind of work is not sexy, it's hard. But, if you could embrace and promote this strategy, and maybe get the surrogates on board, they could fire up the troops and make it happen. There are millions of us, who put our hearts and souls and money into a dream. This is a good dream, and I really think it could work, *if* we unite around it and execute it well. I don't see why Bernie wouldn't endorse it and it would refocus his supporters into a positive, productive direction, instead of fragmenting into schisms, which is starting to happen. Agreement must be reached immediately, announcements and endorsements must be rapid. We can focus the bulk of the activity in October, but we only have two months to get it ready. 4) As for the issue of who to vote for, I'm trying to get a consensus (in social media) that we should vote for Clinton in swing states only, and protest vote for Jill everywhere else, calculating that it won't affect the Electoral College and we'll still get a liberal President and SCOTUS. To make that easier for die hards, I'm also encouraging the swapping of votes (like they did in Canada to oust Harper) so that a swing state Jill voter, swaps with a non-swing state Clinton voter, ensuring the Electoral College victory, but still voting one's conscience (by proxy). A strong protest vote campaign will also give us leverage.

  44. 1888

    Hulu´s privacy Nr 6... There is currently no consensus among industry participants as to what "Do Not Track" means and how to respond to "Do Not Track" browser signals. As such, we do not respond to such signals. WTF it clearly doesn´t mean ignore my wish not to be tracked... Do something with this ;-) All of their required OPT OUT actions are about as stupid as this... you can´t...

  45. zjas

    Hi Lee. I might be going waaay out on a conspiracy here but, Since loose cannon, loud mouth non conformist trump is pretty much the opposite of "fall in line" gop party, the gop seem to like vp better than trump. So... how convenient would it be if trump was elected but then "dissapeared" to blame the dems/progs? They would have a more "fall in line" fav and shift blame. Hmm... ?

  46. Travis Steffen

  47. leecamp


  48. HUH?

    I'm not the type of person who leaves comments on anything but I have to say your show is inspiring and refreshing to not only get news that is actually accurate and pertinent while being able to joke around to keep spirits up and not be angry and the end of hearing the outrageously depressing state of well the whole world. Thanks for the show, I continue to look forward to more and hope you schedule a live show out here in southern California sometime in the near future.

  49. Anna Key

    Hi Lee, I've been combing through your stuff for the last few days trying to see if you've looked into Del Bigtree's Vaxxed doco. I can't find any mention, but that could just be my shitty research skills. He calls it the biggest news story of his life. Watch the 20 min clip of Andrew Wakefield deal with the allegations against him and you can't help but be blown away by the power of what he says. Thoughts?

  50. LBL

    Wonderful Show! Greatly Appreciated! Thanks!

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