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Comments ( 178 )

  1. markus

    Dear Lee, ok, it is still some years ago (2008), but i just saw your video from youtube, but the propaganda from fox is still acutal. A festival of ignorance... you hit the nail! We need more people like, go on, cheers, greetings from germany, Markus

  2. leecamp

    Thanks. Unlike most of the other shows out there, I write all my own stuff. I could never manage a daily show. But I appreciate the thought.

  3. thehornboy

    been following yer stuff for a while. we need to get you doing a daily news show for everyone's sake as well as my sanity. keep fighting love Scotland

  4. DarK

    Beautiful: Cosby's "rape" cases have become "emotional-distress" charges...and Bill has (been) turned into a pro-eductation & feminist activist all of a sudden. Political Correctness Advocates are getting away with murder & deception, no sorry now let us call it : "rock & roll"

  5. DarK

    ... A "Cruise" Missile? No! Wait a "MinuteMan III" ? And "3 minutes Man" !

  6. leecamp

    Thanks David!!

  7. leecamp

    Hey Nikki! I love your enthusiasm! Yes, I know Seattle is indeed winning the vote. The reason I haven't scheduled it yet is because I was actually there not long ago! John O'Donnell and I did a show in late November. I usually don't come back to a town more than once a year. But I have begun looking for a good venue to return to Seattle. Thanks Nikki!

  8. Nikki

    Greetings from Seattle. Seeing as Seattle is at the top of the "We want Lee Camp list," why no scheduled visit? Moreover, several cities submitting votes, such as Fall City, WA, Everett, WA, and Olympia, WA, are city-suburbs of Seattle -- thus MORE Seattle votes. One dude forgot the "e" at the end of Seattle, thereby inventing a new WA city, but we know what he meant, so add another. This puts Seattle pretty much well above 80 votes as of 4.22.17 (and counting), so what's holding up a visit, Lee? Seattle has long been known as the hot bed of American radicalism and historically called the, "little Soviet of the west." -- a century of progressive thinkers and action. See why we can't wait 'till ya get here? (Check out the book, "The Centraiia Conspiracy" for historical starters. And no slow-down here since that book was written.) Anyway, don't wait another minute for a visit and e-mail us as soon as possible. Thanks a bunch, Lee, in a time of much needed humor ala your variety.

  9. Quint CuRR

    What's Up Lee Camp, you bad ass. Had to pause Redacted to come over and sign up as a monthly member supporting the cause. For a comedian, you've got some pretty good journalistic chops. Keep up the great work my friend.

  10. Tocayo Jesse

    Hi. Long time supporter, first time enabling redactivistism... Did u spot Steven Pifer, Bookings Institution Arms Control & Non Proliferation Initiative(the Thought Police) Director, on C-SPAN2 today? In the Q & A portion, within the context of the Center For the National Interest panel conveined to adress "Russian Foreign Policy", he answered the following question: what does 'Russia' want with Europe? His answer: to call it a belligerent. Belligerent?! As in what history refers to as the participants of any REAL war. A WAR has real soldiers and real loss of life. A war, also, has a real, unadulterated reason(s), or set of ideas, enacted which LITERALLY led to the forming of THE specific sides of a war. My point Mr. Camp: Steven Pifer just named the reasons why we might soon find ourselves in all out war. All this clan-based thinking, it hurts to see it terraform our people's history, forever. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the clepto-neoliberal, power wielding, elitist of our species are upset with other emerging countries increasing their sphere of influence away from the US dollar. So we then, what? We counter with an absolute, the military industrial complex. I dont think "they" say these things out loud much before any mouthpieces get to work, and that's why the Ctr. foda Nat. Interest rush through talking points. Very little room for dissent on the company line, as evidenced by the Russian representatives in the panel i mentioned before, whose statments are too easily dismissed. No one sees the power, plus need, to connect the dots anymore. So on that note, thank you for what you have done with journalism and humoring our lesser thoughts into illumination. Take care buddy

  11. DarK

    Marketing The North Korean War: "Strategic Patience" , "Kinetic" military action. ... what else is in store for Pyongyang ?? "The End of ... The Farce"?!

  12. DarK

    In case yo Mommy was too Busy ... SpringBreak with "GranDad" can still fill the "Gap"... "Uncle"- Sam and Tom are packin'-up for War!

  13. DarK

    Notice how the MSM war rhetoric has changed & plays-out: To counter the Big-"Brother" (bashing - what a BadBoy!) , they sent in Big "Mother" aka the #MOAB ! What a Drag ...

  14. Balisticbecky

    I watch redacted tonite "v.I.p." every Thursday. And. "Redacted tonite " every Friday. I have been watching every day for the last 4 years.

  15. DarK

    Most of the problems America is facing comes from the fact of wrong naming things & thus paving the way to non-sense, crazyness or/and phoniness... Take the political parties : " Democrats " vs. " Republicans " ... These guys should be in the same team, not fighting each other. This surely comes from US History, and the need to (over?-) simplify the english language for immigrants - the new-comers- to understand... Europe and the rest of the world has had the advantage to stick with its old cultures & languages, and not sacrificing that for the sake of out-siders. To get back, to authenticity, One has to (re)search on etymology, re-do simple but rigorous english re-definition of things & concepts. In other words, counter the destructive works of Big-Brother, by (re-) building the masses through a total makeover of WORDs education. Attribute meanings to the right things, & Vice Versa. Just like in German or in French.

  16. DarK

    The WORST Won't happen! ... Why? BeCause, Trump is a snake-oil salesman... And not a "socialist"a.ka. Your worst " room 101" nightmare... like O'BomBA! Sales men are very capable of selling a minus 11% debt burden to the public, making it seem as an +11% profit! 2+2=5 ... Status-Quo

  17. leecamp

    I have a podcast version of the show that's available on iTunes and Stitcher. It's called "Moment of Clarity."

  18. SHA-KNA

    Heh heh, got that wrong- the host, Don and Moscow U professor are not talking about the US media rather, the U.S. senate.

  19. SHA-KNA

    Oh yeah.. one last thing. If you use a phone radio4all is better. If you click on a show file on a pc it will immediately play but you can right click the play button to download an audio file. P.P.P.S. Listening to March 31 '17 CPR News discussing the US media ignoring the Award winning praise of RT America. Nice coincidence. Thanks again Lee and your friends!

  20. SHA-KNA

    Crap! I forgot my real point. Do you have a sound file of the show that can be downloaded? That would make it way easier to throw you into a robot dj. P.S. Have you seen ? Good stuff. Revolutionaries and some cadds. I recommend the CPR News outta NYC - makes Amy Goodman look like the Ford Foundation tool that she is. (I♡Amy).

  21. SHA-KNA

    Hi Lee, I don't tweet. I guess I'm half luddite. I'm going to start pirating your show because it's the just about the best thing out there. Starting today, like 2 people will be hearing your show on Free Radio Olympia has been around since 2001 but off air for about 5 years. Our FM isn't up yet but the stream is finally back. We rareley ask permission but I wanted to let you know and offer you a mic if you're travelling that road that spans from Canada to Mexico near the Pacific ocean. Thanks a billion!

  22. DarK

    C'mon Monseigneur Lee Camp, can't you get an All American quote... not one like Howard Zinn's that strangely seems plagarized from some french author ( Etienne de La Boétie - Discourse on Voluntary Servitude)...

  23. Pherdog

    Hey brother, even though you were recently PDX, we came to see you.... I would be thrilled to listen to you live again. Please join us again soon.

  24. Darksequencer

    Anyone seen G. Wilders delighted and very happy for luckily not winning the election in the netherlands? I did!

  25. DarK

    So sorry Benjamin Franklin got/made a lame translation for the Rédaction of US Constitution...

  26. DarK

    Bottom Line Monsieur Lee Camp: Learn French and live the American Dream here in France... Or in Canada, if you prefer! We ain't chauvinistic & like & respect our Canadian cousins!

  27. DarK

    American writters Franzen, Hedges, & Wolff among others must verily like reading Moulin-Rouge authors... Getting inspiration across the Atlantic, the "idea" pillaging has been going on for centuries , ever since Benjamin Franklin came to Paris to get a couple of ideas for the redaction of a Constitution... Other example when Levi Strauss got hold of Denim! America in all its greatness!

  28. Darksequencer

    Sorry again BUT we all should be as self reflecting that we cannot fight right wing populism with left wing populism by using the same easy solution utopia setup. PLEASE DON'T!!! kinda drifts there and not slowly.

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