Lee is the head writer and host of the national TV show Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp on RT America. He’s a former contributor to The Onion, former staff humor writer for the Huffington Post, and his web series “Moment of Clarity” has been viewed by millions. He’s toured the country and the world with his fierce brand of standup comedy, and George Carlin’s daughter Kelly said he’s one of the few comics keeping her father’s torch lit. Bill Hicks’s brother Steve said Lee is one of only a handful with Bill’s “message and passion.”

“An incredibly funny man.”John Oliver

“An amazing writer and a great political thinker. He’s the change you and I want to see.”Janeane Garofalo

“He’s like Howard Zinn after 12 beers.”David Swanson

Lee Camp’s stand-up comedy has been featured on Comedy Central, ABC’s Good Morning America, Showtime’s The Green Room with Paul Provenza, Al-Jazeera America’s election night coverage, Current, the BCC’s Newsnight, E!, MTV, and Spike TV, and headlined over 500 college shows.

Lee has written for The Onion, Comedy Central, Comedy Central and the Huffington Post, and wrote the acclaimed essay collections Moment of Clarity: The Rantings Of A Stark Raving Sane Man, and Neither Sophisticated Nor Intelligent.

He hosts Redacted Tonight, on RT America, every Friday night at 8pm ET. His podcast and YouTube webseries, Moment Of Clarity, frequently breaks 100,000 online views each week.


  • Watch the video above for a quick word from George Carlin’s daughter, Kelly.
  • In a recent interview Bill Hicks’s brother Steve Hicks was asked whether he had favorite comedians who were inspired by Bill. Here is what he said — “I know Doug Stanhope is often cited as someone in the vein of Bill; Lee Camp and Jamie Kilstein are two others in the US that are carrying on with the message and the passion. Although I know they are admirers of Bill, it is important to note that they are their own people doing it their own way. All three of these are very good and I think anyone out there who is actually ‘trying to do Bill’ falls very flat. You can’t copy someone that was such an individual and these three guys aren’t doing that. It’s just in the spirit maybe but they are all excellent doing it their way, which is how it should be.”
  • “This up-and-coming US star is already developing a reputation for fearless political comedy, with some calling him an heir to the crown of the late, great George Carlin. ….He gets our seal of approval.”Time Out Sydney
  • “Gets the crowd roaring!”Rolling Stone
  • “Lee Camp is an amazing writer and a great political thinker. He’s the change you and I want to see.”Janeane Garofalo
  • “For those comedy fans still in mourning for Bill Hicks 18 years on, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in the work of DC-born stand-up Lee Camp. Like Hicks, Camp has a visceral disregard for big business and big politics, and speaks his mind on everything from abortion rights to the evils of the modern media. However, where Hicks was more of a commentator who stayed above the fray, Camp is much closer to British activist-comics like Mark Thomas, a real-life serial protester.”The Guardian
  • “Like Jon Stewart from the Daily Show but with sharper teeth.” –the Herald
  • “What if all the baggage and bullshit of our society were absorbed into the conscience of one man? A man who refused to accept this ‘Normality’ we wade through…what kind of time-bomb would emerge? Well, as Evolution would have it in its process of Self-Correction, Lee Camp is that embodied ‘Time-Bomb of Reason’ – ready to destroy anything that seeks to pollute our culture and restrict our possibility as a species.”  –Peter Joseph (creator of the Zeitgeist Movement)
  • “Better than boobs.” –Nicole Powers (editor of SuicideGirls.com)
  • “Lee Camp is an integral part of a longstanding satirical tradition. He has the rare ability to make you laugh and think simultaneously.” –Paul Krassner
  • “Lee is the Che Guevara of comedy. Congrats to him on his balls and integrity. Everything he does is SO good. We need more comedians with his kind of fearlessness. It’s so rare to find such artful, thoughtful passion in comedy these days. …or in life. He’s waiting for a generation to catch up with him.” –Paul Provenza
  • “Lee is totally inspiring. I kinda wanna be like him when I grow up.”Rain Pryor (actor, comedian, daughter of Richard)
  • “Lee Camp has found the hole in America’s brain where reason has been replaced by Wal-Mart. Lee’s rants channel the gunk oozing out. You have to admit, that’s why he’s so fucking funny.” — Greg Palast
  • “A comedy evangelist… Blistering punchlines…”–The Guardian
  • “Imagine Jon Stewart if he gave a damn. …He’s like Howard Zinn after 12 beers.”David Swanson (author & acclaimed blogger)
  • “An incredibly funny man.”–John Oliver
  • “Smart, clever, wonderful.” –Dick Gregory
  • “Super impressive.” –Roseanne Barr
  • “One night I attended a Laughing Liberally comedy show. There was one funny comedian there – Lee Camp.” –Matt Labash (Conservative reporter for the right-wing publication The Weekly Standard)
  • “Very funny.” –General Wesley Clark (former NATO Supreme Allied Commander)
  • “The best and most exciting and new and fresh and VITAL performer I’ve seen in the past 30 years… The Kurt Cobain of comedy…” –Alan Lord (satirist, author of “ATM Sex”)


  • Host and head writer of “Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp” on RT America. Every Friday at 8pm ET. 
  • Featured on the new Showtime show The Green Room with Paul Provenza
  • Featured in the book “iSatiristas!” by Paul Provenza and Dan Dion
  • Star of Comedy Central’s “Fresh Debate ’08” – writer/performer
  • Contributor to The Onion
  • Featured on BBC’s “Newsnight”
  • Featured on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”
  • Featured on “Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer”
  • Featured on Al Jazeera English – Election night coverage
  • Featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America”
  • Former host and co-writer of OnDemand’s show “The Movie Loft”
  • Regular humor writer/video creator for The Huffington Post
  • Regular contributor to numerous radio stations – both local and national
  • Voted Best Political Comedy for 2008 by ComedySmack.com
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010, 2011, 2013
  • Montreal Comedy Festival 2009 – “Best of The Fest” shows
  • Montreal Comedy Festival’s 2006 New Faces – listed as one of the “best of the fest” by Hollywood Reporter, Variety, & Time Out NY
  • Finalist in New York Comedy Festival’s Funniest Comic Contest
  • PBS’s special “Make ‘Em Laugh” – interview/ commentary
  • MTV’s “Most Valuable Players” – comedic commentary
  • E! Network – comedic commentary
  • Animal Planet – comedic commentary
  • Headlined over 500 college shows
  • 2008 Democratic National Convention – featured performer
  • Jon Oliver’s BBC Radio show “Political Animal” – featured comedian
  • “Dealbreaker” (short film written & directed by Gwyneth Paltrow) – comedic actor (a Sundance Film Festival Official Selection)
  • Spike TV’s comedy special “The Order of The Serpentine” – comedic actor
  • Direct TV’s Channel 101 – featured actor/writer
  • Author – “Neither Sophisticated Nor Intelligent”
  • Author – “Moment of Clarity: The Rantings Of A Stark Raving Sane Man”
  • Co-Author – “The BigFib Book of Bollocks”



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Comments ( 60 )

  1. SF

    DNC: We want Hillary to step down and Bernie to run for president please sign petition @ http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/dnc-we-want-hillary-to?source=c.em.cp&r_by=16474139

  2. leecamp

    Should be T-shirts soon. Keep checking the merch tab at LeeCamp.com

  3. William

    I'm trying to find some Lee Camp t-shirts to go with the Jill Stein t-shirts I'm going to get and the Bernie Sanders t-shirts I have. Do you have any Lee Camp merchandise? And could you please point me towards it? Thank you. Also, you're the best. Keep fighting! :)

  4. Alan

    I stumbled on to your youtube channel Redacted Tonight...and I'm a better person for doing so! You're show makes it even easier to take down some of the idiots who get all their news from main stream. Thanks and keep up the good work

  5. leecamp

    Thanks Pan!

  6. leecamp

    Go here - bit.ly/PhillyCamp

  7. Grannie

    Gonna be in Philly for dnc or debacle this july? Heard on redacted that tix available... Thanks sweetie~grannie

  8. Pan

    My Dear Mr. Camp, I am writing to thank you for the most open and truthful critique of outdated capitalist economic and political structures I have heard in several generations. You have given me a hope for the future that I have not felt in many years by your ability to educate with humor in a country that has turned from at least a form of economically stratified democracy into a fascistic militarist oligarchy. I have often regretted my involvement in the computer and internet revolution, but when I saw your show I understood that it really does allow a voice for truth and dignity in the midst of a morass of corporate propaganda. I do have to admit that I stopped being excited about the 'net when dot coms were first allowed, thus ruining what I thought was going to be a great liberating force in the world. I can die peacefully knowing that there is someone who will carry on the battle against economic slavery. Kudos!

  9. J

    @Eddie Cheers to having a badass lecturer! Hey Lee, can you keep the show going until after I get my Ph.D? 'cause I have this idea for a class assignment, you see... I'm going back to get my master's soon (hopefully), so it should only be another decade or so...

  10. Eddie

    Hi Lee. As part of my fianl year at university, I chose Contemporary Culture as my major because you get to criticize neoliberalism from any angle you like. We're currently covering TTIP and the TPP so our lecturer recommended we watch Redacted Tonight since you've covered both honestly and extensively (and because he's a huge fan). So I took a look at the show about a week ago and am now working my way through every video on Redacted Tonight's YouTube channel. I am officially hooked! Thanks for the noble work you and your team are doing and making me glad I did my homework for once!

  11. Heather Marie

    Lee!!! You should get T Shirts on your merch site if you ever get a chance, I'd totally rock that.

  12. leecamp

    Thanks! Keep fighting.

  13. TTIOT

    WOW!! I just saw you for the first time. I've been praying that a movement would start to expose the secret combinations in power. Thank you,

  14. leecamp


  15. leecamp

    Sure. LeeCampMail@gmail.com

  16. Ruthie

    Btw, do you read emails? I have a story I think you would find interesting and relative but not something to post here in the comments.

  17. Ruthie

    Hi Lee, I've been watching your videos and it's so nice to see someone saying the things that are already in my mind. Would love to catch you live sometime.

  18. leecamp

    Thanks man! Means a lot that you took the time to comment.

  19. Will

    Thanks for what you are doing Lee, you and your work are an inspiration.

  20. leecamp

    Thanks Alex!! That's awesome to hear.

  21. Alex

    Hello their I just started to watch your Moments of Clarity and Redacted Tonight and I thoroughly enjoy and feel empowered after the videos end. Also, I am at awe to see how much you fight tooth and nail to bring to light the truth. Best wishes Alex.

  22. leecamp

    Thanks! www.DonateYourAccount.com/LeeCamp

  23. Gimp AKA Cindi

    Lee, how can I give you my email to use? I seen it on one of your YouTube Moment of Clarity clips.

  24. leecamp

    Thanks Sean! That's great to hear.

  25. Sean M

    Honestly, I have yet to find a video that I didn't like or a video that didn't inform me about things I didn't know. I have literally told all my friends about your Youtube channel and they all love it (except one friend who says he doesn't want to know about bad things going on in the USA) he chooses to stay blind to all that's going on. Love the videos! Keep it up!

  26. leecamp

    Thanks Marty! I had a great time.

  27. J Wilkins

    There is an amendment to the constitution that guarantees the right to assemble. Even as far back as the early nineties the 'ONLY' place that right could be freely exercised was in the National Forests. National Parks? Nope cannot assemble w/out a permit. City Parks? Nope cannot assemble w/out a permit. Think about that and then zap back to the present and think about Occupy Wall street. Anyplace other than a National Forest? Nope cannot assemble w/out a permit. The point here being permits can be denied and/or charged for. I lost track years ago. Perhaps now it is even illegal to assemble in National Forests w/out a permit. In which case our constitution has been successfully bypassed.

  28. Marty

    Thank you for coming to Asheville on Monday! Great show! Funny, entertaining and thought-provoking.

  29. leecamp

    Hey Frank, thank you so much for the kind words. Even though I could one day end up on a channel with ads, I feel that ads have a very harmful effect on our collective mind. I don't think we really comprehend just how much they have abused our motivations. Even people who are aware of how influential ads are, are still impacted by them. Anyway, please don't break your bank to help MOC. Just spread the word. Thanks again!

  30. Frank

    Lee, -14 years in the biz, lots of good credits, Kelly Carlin, Great videos, website, amazing thoughtful rants. What else can you do. You have done an excellent package. I appreciate what you are doing. Today, right now my family budget is tight. I will work on that and keep supporting you and your comedy. I would watch ads, they do not have to be large corporations. Now, I will shut up and work on bringing in actual cash. Please do not stop takin on the Fucking Man.

  31. Carla

    I LOVE your MOC videos. Thanks for the enlightenment and brightening my day!

  32. leecamp

    Thanks Sean! Yes, there should be tickets at the door assuming they aren't sold out. I believe it is unlikely they will be sold out.

  33. Sean

    Love the MOC, looking forward to go to your Indianapolis show. Will tickets be available at the door or am I required to purchase ahead of time? Thank you and keep fighting!

  34. Rich Reed

    You do what I do daily listening to the radio and tv. Thank you. I don't feel alone now. The amazing thing is Fox News let you on. I am sure it was like putting a wolf in the hen house. I wish I still did events for colleges. I will try to get you here.

  35. callaham wright

    pierson johnson

  36. leecamp

    Thanks Silas!

  37. Silas Snow

    Lee, just about everything I hear on MOC is inundated with spot on satire along with the proper amount of authentic earnestness. MOC is for me comparable to the grapple (grape apple) I don't know how the fuck it gets done but I am pretty amazed by it. Also, I just turned one of my buddies onto you and within two days he bought your new album. Cheers buddy, Silas

  38. Taro

    Was great fun seeing you at the Washington State Labor Council in Wenatchee. I was hoping to catch your show again with friends in Seattle but you aren't here! Oh well, I'm enjoying your book and CD and I'll share those with friends until we catch your show somewhere...sometime.

  39. Sarah

    Are you single? Inquiring minds find you attractive and may want to know in the creepy fan-girl way.

  40. Jo

    How refreshing to hear you talk about these things with such an enthusiasm! Too bad the "Occupy Day" is May 1st. It's a national day off in Finland, so most of us can't join even if they wanted to! Keep up whatever you're doing! - Jo

  41. DJ

    Heard you on The Point, good stuff man

  42. Conner

    You are amazingly cool! I love what you do. :) Keep it up, Lee!

  43. bjoystrand@hotmail.com

    Just discovered you TODAY! FANTASTIC! I've been fighting for liberal causes since McGovern, and loosing. Even the church didn't like a single mom and used me, I fought for Child Support Enforcement who liked my cowboy, bull-riding x better, and never gave me a dime while my daughters and I were literally starving, living in attics and basement when even the cops didn't care if he showed up every few months after the bar closed "to see HIS kids", to rough me up, knock out a few more teeth... (I had signed up for SPEECH COMP! one quarter before having my mouth wired back up, a concussion... ) but no-one wanted to deal with "my" "domestic situation" even years after I paid an attorney with a horse I broke while pregnant to get a divorce and get the hell out of that "domestic situation", and had plenty of TRO's after that. I worked and went to school, then began "working my way up" for good causes: Women, Infants.... (WIC), Garden City Harvest, then I worked as a Union Rep, and got raped by the VP, Tom Chase, who I found out later was well known as a rapist.... There is nowhere for a liberal to go?! You said it! Get out our Chalk!

  44. Mat Weller

    Lee -- I know I'm behind the game, but I just caught the Fox news bit for the first time. First -- it was awesome, thank you. Second -- I thought you'd get a laugh to know that my wife was good friends of the host in that clip from school days and we've been social with him and his family many times over the years. I actually like him quite a bit, but I've often worried for him that one can't swim in the cesspool for too long without getting covered in poo... Keep up the good work, brother! I have a lot of respect for your work.

  45. leecamp

    Thank you, Amy! Very kind of you. Yes, BOTL is great. Thanks for listening.

  46. Amy Laura Hall

    Your commentary is therapy. Your feature on Best of the Left is always the Best of the Best of the Left. Listening helps me survive working at the plantation that is Duke University. Thank you!

  47. Frank

    Lee, got to you through Brasschecktv.com, I am based in the EU and I am sure we'll hear more from you over here! Tell it as it is, ciao FC

  48. leecamp

    Thanks Jess! That's so flattering. It's good to know people out there agree with me. And who's to say I don't like creepy fan-girls? But seriously, get ahold of Bachmann. Put her back in her cage. ~Lee

  49. Jess S.

    Hello, and greetings from Minnesota: (and subsequent apologies from Minnesota for Michele Bachmann; that woman is an idiot and I did not vote for her.) I'm gonna try to not go all fangirl-y on you 'cause that's super-creepy, but, man!, I think you're kind of awesome. I caught one of your Moments on the Best of the Left podcast from a few days ago and have spent all the time since then horfing down every video clip I can find, reveling in your righteous anger at the broken world we live in and your quirk, adorable, witty way of phrasing that anger. You're saying what we're all thinking and phasing it better than most of us are capable. Thank you! Jess

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