Redacted Tonight #159 Drug War Exposed As Sham, Wall St. Celebrates Worker Abuse

Lee opens with Attorney General Jeff Session’s stance on criminalizing drug users and dealers which seems practically braindead considering the success of the so-called “War on Drugs.” Then Lee gives a short history of the chaos and farce that is and was the Drug War culled from recently declassified documents. From the loony plot to…

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DNC PRANKED: Forced To Admit They Don’t Have Progressive Values!

Redacted Tonight-Head Of CIA Accidentally Reveals CIA’s Crimes (click to watch)

Audio Podcast #432-Jordan Chariton Discusses Corruption In the Media with Lee Camp

Redacted Tonight #158-CIA Fesses Up, Pentagon Admits End of Empire, Rikers Abuse Revealed

Lee Camp opens with the direction of the CIA, which seems backwards. In an interview, CIA director Mike Pompeo told an enormous amount of truth about America’s plan to repeat many of their foreign policy mistakes over and over again. Host Lee Camp lambasts Pompeo’s surprisingly transparent responses about his plans for the Middle East…

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